Since the second draft of our digipak, we’ve taken the feedback and developed our work.

Here is DRAFT 3:

Changes made: 

Front Cover

  • In our second draft, the image on the front cover had a thermal imaging effect and there was a rainbow gradient on the back and front panel.
  • After looking at the front cover for a long period, we began to slowly dislike the idea of thermal imaging as we preferred effect on the inside panels and felt that in comparison the front cover looked washed out.
  • Therefore, we experimented with the colour adjustment and decided on the colour purple. We felt the colours work a lot better with the two inside panels as there are shades of purple within both.

Inside Panels

  • We blended the inside panels more, using the blending tool on Photoshop.


  • I hand-wrote the album name, artist name and the song titles onto paper.
  • We then took a photo of this and Georgia cut out all the words on Photoshop.
  • We decided creating our own typeface was the route for us as we wanted to give an original and creative vibe to the album where as the previous ‘Old English’ font was classic and conventional.

Chameleon drawings

  • In our draft 2 feedback, we were told that the back panel lacked colour and was quite dull in comparison to the rest of the album. Callum drew the chameleons on a software on his laptop. We then uploaded these as JPEGs onto our school computer and changed the colours.
  • We tried out a few different colour combos; green and pink; orange and purple; we finally decided that orange and pink was the best combination as it complimented the other colours within the digipak
  • We upped the saturation to enhance the details of the chameleons.


  • Fix the spine – needs to be duplicated on the other side, the image needs to be fixed, the font needs to be changed
  • Contrast of text on back needs to be upped, to look less washed out
  • Dimensions need to be fixed

We sent out a form so that people could judge what genre they believe our digipack is:

71.4% guessed the correct genre, Indie Pop.

Photo of digipack in CD Case:

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