Social Media Page Draft 1

Here is the first draft of our social media page:

click on image to be taken to instagram page

Self Assessment of my Social Media Page:

Design Coherence:

Our social media page includes bold colours, similar to the digipak and social media page. As of yet, I don’t think our social media page reflects much of our star’s personality which is something I would like to improve.


We have included teaser content such as gifs, behind the scene images and sneak peaks to promote the album ‘Chameleon’.


We have not created links with other brands or products. This is something we need to show more of.


We have built excitement leading up to the release date of our album by posting teasers and an IGTV of the video to create suspense between the audience and the star.

Cross Media Convergence:

We haven’t created converged links with other media or stars. It would be good to do a collaboration with another musician to promote our star as well as being featured on the radio/tv.

Promotion of life events:

We still need to post tour dates.

A Call To Action:

We have made clear links to points of sale for Ronan Blu’s music by stating in the captions where the music can be streamed as well as producing merchandise for the album.


We have given an insight into the ‘real’ life of Ronan Blu by adding casual posts to their story. For example, we have posted selfies of the star with their dog, showing them as an authentic person.


We have interacted with the audience through replying and engaging with their interactions.

Issues & Charities:

We have linked to the RSPCA, promoting the work they do. This post suggests that animals are close to the star’s heart, which is a useful way to develop a compassionate and engaged star.

Screen Castify with feedback:

Summary of targets:

  • Include more hashtags to help promote the album or the charity post e.g. #RSPCAxRonanBlu
  • Cross media convergence – appearing on mtv or radio stations
  • Tour dates
  • Other digipak images
  • Link to merch
  • Explain what streaming platforms the music can be heard on
  • More casual posts? e.g. selfies, days out, memes

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