Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Please click the link above to watch the screen castify.

Good Points:

Front Page

  • Good image
  • Attention to detail
  • The indented cover lines give a nice edge

Contents page

  • Page numbers included
  • The underlining of the title that has information is clever
  • Quote included
  • Good images

Double page spread:

  • Good Photo
  • Insert with caption included
  • Clever background

Overall it has a brand image to it and is all pages are related.



To Improve:

Front page

  • Add in another insert
  • Move the masthead so it’s not coming off the page
  • Show that the magazine is indie rock in some way
  • Straighten barcode

Contents page:

  • For the masthead, use the same font as I did on the front cover
  • Change the date to match front page
  • Frame the masthead with another line above it
  • Put the quote in italics
  • The page number on the first image is missing an outline
  • Add a colour behind the quote

Double page spread:

  • The brick wall background needs to be my own image
  • Put the quote in italics
  • Add in a byline
  • Make the cover star bigger



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