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The article that I am analyzing is the “Cash for questions – This month: ALT-J” from the 11th of July 2017 written by Paul Stokes for Q magazine. I chose this article because I feel like this layout and what information is included would really interest my audience and intrigue them.

  • In this article it uses a Q&A like structure and we can tell that the interview was in person because the author wrote down if there were any pauses or groaning to give it more on a personal or exclusive feel to the article making the audience get more involved in the read.
  • Some words that are used in the article like give off a laid-back vibe making us think that the interview must’ve been very chilled out and casual rather that intense as the band were swearing, groaning and laughing at their memories.
  • One quote that was used was “We played Kendall Calling, and they mistakenly listed us as ‘the triangle band’.” This gives us the idea that the band is probably quite laid back and can take a good joke making them friendly and unique. Another quote used was ” I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to play down our bookish image… But I am wearing a a leather jacket” This once again shows that they do have a sense of humor and don’t mind pushing the limits.
  • A metaphor that the band used was that they wanted their music to be like “chewing gum that doesn’t lose it’s flavor” An interesting metaphor but has true meaning behind it as of it never get’s boring, this also gives an idea of what the band is like by using such an unusual metaphor once again showing the uniqueness of the band.
  • The journalist doesn’t really talk to the audience on such a personal level but is more of an informing passage on the band, what they’re like and how they started out.
  • After reading this article the reader might feel like they know the band on a more personal level and will find out a snippet of what they’re like in their personal life.


Overall this article although is informing is also fun and exclusive while also includes a laid back vibe which my audience will be drawn to. The journalist represented ALT-J as a nerdy group that were trying to resent from that image and trying to be more grungy and diverse.

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