When I was choosing my adverts I referred back to my yougov to look at what things other than music taste my audience are interested in.

I chose thisĀ  poster of The Kooks because they’re a very edgy band themselves and the poster has a lighter colour scheme to it making it look more Indie than rock and the kind of illustration is quite interesting and makes it look quite playful and family friendly like the event is.


I also chose this Dr Martens advert because the style of this brand is very 90’s and grungy but they also have a slight diversity in their brand of shoes, having something for everyone. The advert is also completely aimed at my target audience as it is music related and holding an electric guitar which is the main feature of a band


I think that these adverts will interest mt target audience of indie rock teen/young adult fans as they’re both in the indie rock style and are both very popular people/brands in the indie rock community. Both of my images are also high resolution which will also look better in my magazine.

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