So How Did it Go?

Throughout my whole experience in making my music magazine I have learnt how to use different software such as Photoshop and in-design and have also gained many new skills and information. I now know how to use the correct mise-en-sceneĀ  to attract and entice my audience using the appropriate clothing, make-up, language and colour schemes for the appropriate target audience.

When it came to feedback I responded accurately and created many drafts to get to how my magazine needed to be, getting feedback from different people was good as they all spotted different things on how I could make my magazine better. Looking at my first drafts and my final product I am very happy with how much I changed and improved my pages.

Overall I am very happy with my final product as I feel I have worked very hard on it and have kept my attention to detail very important to make it perfect. I have kept to my colour scheme and showed my brand well through mise-en-scene.


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