Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

Front Page:

  • First and last cover lines turn bold and plain white
  • Put “Indie rock” in a different colour
  • Capital letter on “Belford”
  • Delete the page numbers on the cover lines
  • Change the word “shows” to “Tracks”
  • Inserts need to pop out – drop shadow?
  • Add a price

Contents page:

  • Put the quote in italics
  • Make headlines punchier – Change makeup to music festivals
  • Drop Shadow on images
  • Caption images instead of putting page numbers
  • When labeling each page just put the number instead of “Pg 4”
  • Change one image into a group shot

Double page spread:

  • Change “i’ll” to “I’ll”
  • Change stand first – not normally centered?
  • Move “Belford” so it’s not on the staples of the magazine
  • Add byline
  • Move photography line
  • Add the UltraViolet logo in the corner

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