Pitch and Feedback

Me, Sasha and Haygan presented our pitch to Mrs.Cobb and she told us what she thought of our ideas and how we could possibly improve.

Whats good:

  • Including a stop-motion clip of hands around the stars face and stopping in a happy face (Image shown in pitch slide 8)
  • The idea of the star wrapped up in bed sheets, could be trying to escape or just in a fetal position to show vulnerability (Image shown in slide 8)
  • The hands scratching up the stars body with black ink all over to represent the demons trying to get him.
  • The ending, leaving it to the audiences interpretation on whether our star is better or not .


Notes/Things to think about:

  • Making sure we are aloud and can get Scott in on the times we need to film him
  • Being strict on costumes and telling our performers exactly what we want them to wear
  • Think about having a specific colour story through out the video
  • Make sure our bedroom scene has the correct mise-en-scene and looks right to go with our genre
  • Plan and prepare each episode and clip of our narrative that we want
  • Have things moving through a frame at some point of the video
  • Organize time, place and equipment we will need when filming.


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