Test Shoots

This is our 20 second practice shoot at performance for our music video, This was filmed and edited in around 3 lessons. We did this as it was important for us to understand how much footage we needed and how to film it properly. e.g Filming the whole song in one angle before changing it to another instead of just doing a small section.

Doing this I learnt a lot of new things and discovered a lot more about premiere pro and filming too. It was a challenge but we had fun producing it and adding in all our different ideas.

What went well:

  • We used a variety of shots
  • We were able to add in drama using different effects
  • We had a lot of camera movement during shots

What to improve:

  • Film more footage
  • Have more fast pace cutting to match the fast pace song
  • Lip syncing was in time with the music
  • Have better mise-en-scene

Overall i’m happy with how this turned out considering the time we had to complete it and look forward to creating a more professional music video.

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