Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We had a man from specsavers come in and review our pitches as well as give us advise on what we could change and how to produce what we wanted to do, mainly on the colour spread as that is the main element of our music video. We explained to Lenny our narrative ideas and he seemed to really like it and told us that it was all doable which is great.

When Lenny was showing us how to do the colour spread Sasha wrote down notes on how to do it to help us in the future as it’s fairly complicated to us.

Here is an image of our notes.

I have included a YouTube video to help us if we get stuck doing the colour grading when it comes to it, this will show us directly what steps to do when.


Overall he loved our idea as it is challenging and creative and we look forward to trying his technique out.

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