Narrative Development

Above is out narrative development. This is a document to show what we have planned out our narrative structure to be like and what we want to communicate through each part of our music video.

The relation between the lyrics and our narrative will be amplified as our video will relate to the lyrics but won’t be literal. To send our message of depression and anxiety we will use inter-textual references to portray this, an example is the repetitiveness of our metanarrative.

In conclustion the beginning is used to set up the scene and story, The middle is the disruption and finally the end is the equilibrium to finish off the story and make our audience happy.

We have done this so we know our basic story-line and can add in our more surreal and expressive shots in between the basic parts.

I think this document has been very useful at pin pointing our basic story-line so we can add in our specific shots after.

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