Music Video Draft 2 – Including Narrative

So this is my groups music video so far and I am fairly happy with it, although a lot of work clearly needs to be done, it’s a good start. I have made a list of things I think are good so far and what needs to be improved.

Going well:

  • Good performance shots
  • Pace of edit
  • beginning shot of star waking up
  • Repetitive routine at the start ended up well


  • Lip sync needs to be fixed in some shots
  • Need to complete filming to finish video
  • Colour correction on a few band shots as they’re extremely warm
  • Need warp stabilizer on walking shots


For a start on this music video I think we have done very well and I look well to filming and editing more leading to a finished product as we have some very creative ideas for the dream sequence and look forward to see how it’s going to turn out!

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