Music Video Draft 3

This is our draft 3 for our music video of “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots.  For our next draft we have included some comments from our video that tell us how we can improve on our video and what things they really like.

Overall from all of these comments, these are the things that we need to improve on:

  • Lip syncing at the start of the video
  • Complete the end of the video
  • Continuity error near the start with the performers glasses being off when they should be on
  • One shot of the star running up the stairs need to be in b&w
  • Possibly add vignettes in rope/paint scene

Things that they enjoyed:

  • The colour switching from b&w to colour
  • Drummer was very convincing
  • The narrative idea (boring routine at the start)
  • Rope/Paint sequence
  • The editing and effects overall are well done
  • Variety of shots and distances


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