Narrative Shoot Evaluation

Our narrative shoot was really successful, we were able to get a lot of different shots and a variety of angles too. We went to 3 different locations and were very efficient in all of our locations and filmed most of what we needed to do.  All of our locations worked out amazing and supported our mise-en-scene well.

We didn’t manage to completely finish all of our filming and we have planned a separate shoot for the dream sequence as it would’ve taken too long to do on the same day.


  • Efficient shoot
  • Wide range of shots
  • Mise-en-scene was accurate
  • Organised with all our equipment and props


  • We didn’t finish filming (Still need to do around 5 more shots)
  • Lighting could’ve been better in some shots

Overall it was a decent shoot but we still have a little more to complete.

Here are some photos that we managed to take during our shoot.


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