Music Video Draft 4

Targets for improvement:

  • Take out the foot drum at the start as there is no drumming in the music
  • Lip syncing needs to be more accurate and exaggerated
  • Could have Sasha radiating colour when shes out transitioning into b&w again
  • Pills need to be in colour again when sat on stairs
  • When pills fall out of Sasha’s mouth they’re a bit laggy, try to fix if possible
  • Warp stabilizer when Sasha’s walking to town needs a fix
  • Less graphic effects in the dancing sequence, it’s too busy
  • Pace of edit needs to speed up when ending dance sequence

Good points:

  • Good starting shot
  • Morning routine sequence is nice
  • Coloured pills
  • Colour spread when taking pills
  • Camera angles, wide range
  • Rythym in edit is good
  • Narrative is understandable
  • Head banging on wall shot in dance sequence
  • Costume choices

Overall I think that our video is pretty good although there are just a few minor issues we need to fix to make our music video perfect, we got a lot of feedback with the majority being positive which is a good start. I look forward to perfecting our video and then having more fun with the creative editing side.






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