Our Mission Statement

We made a mission statement to explain our ideas and intentions with our band as we want to entertain and inform our audience. Having a mission statement allows us to get the right target audience. Our mission statement explains how the new album will be down to earth and emotional which matches our conventions for our specific genre. Although the music is classed as “schizophrenic pop” we convey it more as an indie rock band and album and that is how we want to portray it as.

Mission Statement: Best described as ‘Schizophrenic Pop’, The Flatliners take you through their journey, accompanying you on yours too as they express themselves throughout their own unique style of music. This really is an experience like no other as the band dive deep into key issues that modern society face today. With a target audience of 18-24 year olds, the band intends to open the young demographic’s minds with their new chart topping album ‘Made in the AM’.


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