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Test Shoots

This is our 20 second practice shoot at performance for our music video, This was filmed and edited in around 3 lessons. We did this as it was important for us to understand how much footage we needed and how to film it properly. e.g Filming the whole song in one angle before changing it to another instead of just doing a small section.

Doing this I learnt a lot of new things and discovered a lot more about premiere pro and filming too. It was a challenge but we had fun producing it and adding in all our different ideas.

What went well:

  • We used a variety of shots
  • We were able to add in drama using different effects
  • We had a lot of camera movement during shots

What to improve:

  • Film more footage
  • Have more fast pace cutting to match the fast pace song
  • Lip syncing was in time with the music
  • Have better mise-en-scene

Overall i’m happy with how this turned out considering the time we had to complete it and look forward to creating a more professional music video.

Pitch and Feedback

Me, Sasha and Haygan presented our pitch to Mrs.Cobb and she told us what she thought of our ideas and how we could possibly improve.

Whats good:

  • Including a stop-motion clip of hands around the stars face and stopping in a happy face (Image shown in pitch slide 8)
  • The idea of the star wrapped up in bed sheets, could be trying to escape or just in a fetal position to show vulnerability (Image shown in slide 8)
  • The hands scratching up the stars body with black ink all over to represent the demons trying to get him.
  • The ending, leaving it to the audiences interpretation on whether our star is better or not .


Notes/Things to think about:

  • Making sure we are aloud and can get Scott in on the times we need to film him
  • Being strict on costumes and telling our performers exactly what we want them to wear
  • Think about having a specific colour story through out the video
  • Make sure our bedroom scene has the correct mise-en-scene and looks right to go with our genre
  • Plan and prepare each episode and clip of our narrative that we want
  • Have things moving through a frame at some point of the video
  • Organize time, place and equipment we will need when filming.


Perfect Production Group

I have been put in a group with Sasha Belford and Haygan McDaid and am happy with my Group as we are all very creative and want to share all our ideas and integrate them already.

Having this contract will ensure that we all share work evenly and if there are any disagreements we can refer to this and find a compromise.

Final Song Choice

We chose this song together as it was a good compromise of all our genres and we thought it had quite a good meaning in the lyrics so we could include all of our ideas in the narrative and performance.

In a whole our music video will consist of a girl taking her anti-depressants with the colour spread and then as her day goes on the medication wears off and she get’s progressively worse she rushes home and goes to sleep/passes out. After this comes a dream sequence that consists of 6 surreal shots and then she will wake up possibly feeling a little better realizing she doesn’t need her pills anymore. Ends with her going back to sad for a realistic and questionable ending, keeps audience interested and wanting to watch again.

The performance will be a singer and a drummer in the drama studio just lip syncing in our indie rock style clothing, we will edit well and use cool lighting.

I am really looking forward to start filming and editing with my group!

Song Short List and Mood boards

Since I am working with both Haygan and Sasha I have looked over their pitches and reviewed there ideas .I found Haygan’s pitch very creative and interesting. I like his song choice, although it’s a bit alternative I think the mise-en-scene could get very creative.

What I like:

  • The narrative idea
  • The dream sequence
  • All the action – will be chaotic
  • Song choice

Not sure on :

  • How to portray certain parts
  • Location idea – Health and safety?

For Sasha’s pitch I also really liked her song choice and edting ideas were very creative!

What I liked:

  • Song Choice
  • Pill – Colour spread idea
  • Narrative Idea
  • Good examples

Not sure on:

  • Performance mise-en-scene
  • End narrative needed

Overall I think that both of these pitches had some similar ideas so think we will all be able to compromise easily, I think with Haygan’s dream-like sequence and Sasha’s pill-colour spread idea and maybe my colour theme we could create a really creative and bright but deep music video.