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Previous Student’s Work

The use of Photoshop skills in the front cover of this magazine are very apparent as we can see the title morphing in with one of the ice creams that the model is holding through photoshop, linking in with the title, morphosis. We see this again in the double page spread when the models arm is morphing into the colourful background as if it were dripping on her. The camera skills in this magazine are also of a high quality. The creator has taken lighting and angles into consideration because in the double page spread, the model seems as if shes sitting and leaning on clouds of colour.



In the double page spread the student has framed the model with the cloud like image to show that the model is the main focus of the picture. They also used different angles and used good mise-en-scene.

Throughout both the double page spread and contents page we can see that this student has used a range of shots to create diversity and to make the pages more attractive. She has used long shots, mid shots, close-ups and in some has used a slight lower angle to give different meanings to the images.

On the contents page the student has used good mise-en-scene and is clear. The image on the bottom right is a great example and she has her hair and makeup in an almost alternative pin up girl and her costume matches showing good preparation and planning in her photo shoots.

I also like the way that the contents page is set up as it is very interesting and unique, it will attract the target audience perfectly as it is very conventional.



Branding Ideas & Mission Statement

The genre I have chosen for my music magazine is Indie Rock. I have chosen this genre because I am very familiar with the style of music as it is a style I enjoy and I also know quite a bit about the audience members and what they might also be interested in. I have also chosen to call my magazine “UltraViolet” I like this name because ultra sounds quite harsh whereas with the added violet adds a softness like the genre of indie rock.

I have created a word cloud with words associated to indie rock music or what the audience of indie rock music would enjoy.

Mission Statement:

UltraViolet will entertain, inform and entice young adult’s generation about the up coming bands and artists while inspiring local indie rock musicians.




So… I’m Ready To Make Some Media!

When making my own music magazine cover I will have to consider many different aspects I wouldn’t of thought of before starting media. For example; Fonts, colour palette, styles of images and certain costumes giving certain connotations. Also when doing my own magazine I must take into consideration how certain lighting changes meaning to an image and must also refer to my genre when choosing all of the aspects above.

In the past term I have learnt so much like how an image can communicate meaning and how to tell them myself when analyzing. I’ve also learnt how to use Photoshop and in-design at a basic level and can make my own magazine covers.

All of these things I have learnt so far will become very important when making my own music magazine cover.

The Camera Talks

#HighAngle #PointOfView #LongWayHome #FeetAreHurting #Autumn #RockyRoad #Bright
#HighAngle #LeadSpace #Alone #Contemplating
#MidShot #Leveled #Journey #MovingForward #Autumn #Artsy
#Framing #Nature #OnMyWay #LongShot #Busy
#DepthOfField #LongShot #HillyJourney #Messy
#DepthOfField #CloseUpShot #Autumn #Peaceful
#RuleOfThirds #Framing #Archway
#RuleOfThirds #OnMyJourney #Quiet
#DepthOfField #Path #RuleOfThirds #Break





























I selected 9 pictures from my photo shoot that I decided held meaning and had many examples of angles, distance and composition. Images gain a completely different meaning when playing around with these factors, angles can show authority, weakness and emotions. Distance can show loneliness, business and importance. Composition can also show what’s important and what we should focus on in the picture.

By doing the photo shoot myself it helps me understand the importance of angles, distance and composition within media.

My favorite pictures out of these would the the first one and the 6th one. The reason I like the first image is because it really tells the story of being on a journey while having the models point of view. The reason i like the 6th image is because I think I’ve captured depth of field perfectly as the focus is based on the very colourful and autumnal front leaves whereas the blurred background shows the school and trees with their bland colours.



Technical Camera Terms


I took out a camera with a model and started taking pictures using different angles and shots while playing around with the focus and framing of the images. It took a few images to get what I wanted most of the time but I was happy with what I turned out with.

Certain camera angles give certain connotations like a long-shot might show isolation and loneliness whereas a low angled shot would show dominance and authority. this makes a hierarchy that adds the the story per image.

I think that the images that worked best were images “4447” and “4487”. I liked my idea and the concept of image “4447” but it probably could’ve done with more focus on the leaf and a more blurred background but that can be fixed when editing. In image “4487” I loved the play with focus and composition as you can really see the detail of the leaves in the foreground but also has the blurred background of the school and scattered leaves.

One image that didn’t work was image “4459” because the brightness was too low which makes it hard to analyse and the placing of the model could’ve been better too. I also think that the focus in image was wrong and camera angle could’ve been lower for a more dramatic affect.



My Copy of a Professional Magazine Front Cover

Original music magazine cover
My copy of the NME music magazine cover

When doing a copy of the magazine I struggled to find the exact image but chose one similar even if it didn’t work the best when adding the text. I started this off by editing my image on Photoshop and removing the background. After this I opened up In Design and inserted my image and started adding the text and other details.

Things I thought I did well was the overall layout, finding similar fonts to the original and paying attention to detail like adding in the bar code and date the magazine was issued.

Some things I could’ve done better is the sizing of the text as most of it was too small, edited or chose a different image because the text was completely covering one of the cover starts faces. Finally I could’ve looked over my work at the end and compared it to the original to identify these errors and fix them sooner.

3 things that I found easy using making this poster were the textual things like changing fonts. sizes, colours and background colours on InDesign. Another thing I found fairly simple was cutting out my picture and removing the background of my image on Photoshop. Lastly I thought that organizing and moving around my images and text boxes on InDesign.

3 things that i struggled with creating this poster was re-sizing my image, understanding the toolbar’s and layering images on top of the text boxes. I have uploaded 2 YouTube videos below that I could’ve used to help me when I was stuck.








Lick & Stick mock-up

All magazine covers have conventional technical design features such as plugs, main cover star, pugs, inserts, masthead, main cover line and captions.

Some of the most obvious design features are the masthead, main cover star and main cover line as they are usually the biggest and what we notice first. When making my own music magazine cover I know that these aspects i will have to focus more on to target my audience, the potential consumers of my magazine.


My Image That Uses Mise-en-scene for Meaning

With my partner we were given the genre of hip hop/rap so I dressed my model in the appropriate clothing being baggy and slightly edgy then started the photo shoot, this is how my contact sheet turned out. The reason I picked this item of clothing was because it wasn’t serious or smart and it represented how I wanted my model to look being edgy and slightly humorous.

When taking my images I chose to use natural lighting so I could then edit my pictures how I wanted them to look when using them in future changing the exposure and colours using photoshop.


Before starting my photo shoot I created a mood board of different rappers related to my genre and what poses they do and what props they may use.

Hip hop/rap is a genre where most of the artists are portrayed as rough and street-wise, they also are represented as a high authority and aggressive.


I think That this image shows the best mise-en-scene because my models head is lifted high, showing his authority and his arms are crossed giving him a more aggressive look. My models costume represents the genre of rap with the blingy glasses and jacket. Also, because my model has his hood up it makes him look more mischievous and secretive like he may be up to something.



A Front Cover Analysed

Clash magazine is a music and fashion magazine catering to many genres of music but mainly sticking around indie and rock styles. When analyzing the cover I looked closely at the fonts, colours and images and how they give different connotations to attract different audiences. In mt magazine cover there is only one image which draws our attention to that and only that giving it importance and what the magazine will mostly be about. On the cover we can also see how the plugs are in bright colours and bold writing to catch our attention to see whats inside the magazine.

This will help me when doing my own music magazine cover as i know how to attract certain audiences and what colours and fonts to use.