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My Image That Uses Mise-en-scene for Meaning

With my partner we were given the genre of hip hop/rap so I dressed my model in the appropriate clothing being baggy and slightly edgy then started the photo shoot, this is how my contact sheet turned out. The reason I picked this item of clothing was because it wasn’t serious or smart and it represented how I wanted my model to look being edgy and slightly humorous.

When taking my images I chose to use natural lighting so I could then edit my pictures how I wanted them to look when using them in future changing the exposure and colours using photoshop.


Before starting my photo shoot I created a mood board of different rappers related to my genre and what poses they do and what props they may use.

Hip hop/rap is a genre where most of the artists are portrayed as rough and street-wise, they also are represented as a high authority and aggressive.


I think That this image shows the best mise-en-scene because my models head is lifted high, showing his authority and his arms are crossed giving him a more aggressive look. My models costume represents the genre of rap with the blingy glasses and jacket. Also, because my model has his hood up it makes him look more mischievous and secretive like he may be up to something.



A Front Cover Analysed

Clash magazine is a music and fashion magazine catering to many genres of music but mainly sticking around indie and rock styles. When analyzing the cover I looked closely at the fonts, colours and images and how they give different connotations to attract different audiences. In mt magazine cover there is only one image which draws our attention to that and only that giving it importance and what the magazine will mostly be about. On the cover we can also see how the plugs are in bright colours and bold writing to catch our attention to see whats inside the magazine.

This will help me when doing my own music magazine cover as i know how to attract certain audiences and what colours and fonts to use.

So… How Can An Image Communicate Meaning?

I chose this poster because it stood out cause it was so bright and I was also intrigued by all the shapes included too. I now know the importance fonts, colours and images in posters and how they should relate to the genre or artist and what audience they’re aiming to attract. I think that all of the shapes could be symbolic to the artist as she may be different and aiming for a younger audience.

In my music magazine I will ensure that I use the right colours and fonts to attract the right audience to my magazine. I will also pay more attention to my main cover star and what they might be wearing too.


So… Hello Media Studies!

So far in media studies I feel that I have already learnt many skills like how certain colours or lighting may have different connotations and even how to start up my own blog. Learning these skills and tricks will help me when making my own magazine cover as I will know how to target my audience, the potential consumer and what will catch their eye. I have also learnt that there are many different reasons why people interact with media, for example,  entertainment, information, personal identity and social interactions.

During my Media course I hope to learn many new things such as how to use in-design, Photoshop and excel my knowledge in computers and cameras to further my intelligence in technical skills. I also hope to develop my transferable skills like communication, leadership and confidence during this course.

So… I’m a Media Prosumer!

Not only do I consume media I produce media too, I produce media when I tweet, post a status or add a hashtag.

I know that I produce media because I post pictures up on my Instagram that surround and show my Personal Identity and is also a source of Social Interaction for me.

Another thing I might use for entertainment and education is YouTube. YouTube I can also use YouTube for is again my Personal identity as people can see what videos I like and what i’m interested in. Some people might even produce media on YouTube when making their own videos to share.

One thing I am interested in is Ed Sheeran, I like his music and also love the projects he’s involved in. Listening to his music shows my personal identity as it’s what I listen to.

I have learn’t that social media is a big part of our social identity as we share,  post images and write statuses on what we enjoy, don’t enjoy and just personal things going on in our lives.

Now I know about these things I can relate them when making my own music magazine as I will know what will entertain my audience and how to grab their attention.

Audience Profiling

In this lesson we discussed what demographics and psychographics are and how they affect our targeted audience, possible consumers of our magazines. We have to consider what age group our consumers might be in and also what social class they might be invloved in to add their other intrests in the magazine.

In the above slide I got all my information from a website called that provided me with all the demographics and pschographics I needed.

In my magazine cover I have to use certain designs and inserts that’ll draw my target audience in.

The Design Features of a Magazine

In today’s lesson we were analyzing the conventional and technical design features of a Kerrang music magazine cover. We learnt that there are certain conventional features in every magazine such as a masthead, plug, insert, caption, main cover line and so on.

In this poster I have explained what each feature means and how it relates to the magazine cover that we used like what connotations certain fonts and colours have.

I can use what I have learnt today when making my own cover as I know what things give certain connotations and what is conventional in a magazine that I must include.