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Audience Profiling

In this lesson we discussed what demographics and psychographics are and how they affect our targeted audience, possible consumers of our magazines. We have to consider what age group our consumers might be in and also what social class they might be invloved in to add their other intrests in the magazine.

In the above slide I got all my information from a website called that provided me with all the demographics and pschographics I needed.

In my magazine cover I have to use certain designs and inserts that’ll draw my target audience in.

The Design Features of a Magazine

In today’s lesson we were analyzing the conventional and technical design features of a Kerrang music magazine cover. We learnt that there are certain conventional features in every magazine such as a masthead, plug, insert, caption, main cover line and so on.

In this poster I have explained what each feature means and how it relates to the magazine cover that we used like what connotations certain fonts and colours have.

I can use what I have learnt today when making my own cover as I know what things give certain connotations and what is conventional in a magazine that I must include.