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Feedback and Reflection on Draft 3

Feedback from Erin Harris and Mrs.Cobb:

Strong Points:

.Good border, makes page more interesting

. legĀ gives a leading line to the insert, rule of thirds

. Strong header, the transparency give a cool effect



. Add in the photography credit

. Add a caption on the insert

. Remove text box next to face

. Make the page number smaller

. Add a background, pastel purple with a gradient could work well


To improve my double page spread I will add in the extra details that are needed to make my page more interesting and also remove certain items like text boxes to make the page look more clear and readable.



Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

Front Page:

  • First and last cover lines turn bold and plain white
  • Put “Indie rock” in a different colour
  • Capital letter on “Belford”
  • Delete the page numbers on the cover lines
  • Change the word “shows” to “Tracks”
  • Inserts need to pop out – drop shadow?
  • Add a price

Contents page:

  • Put the quote in italics
  • Make headlines punchier – Change makeup to music festivals
  • Drop Shadow on images
  • Caption images instead of putting page numbers
  • When labeling each page just put the number instead of “Pg 4”
  • Change one image into a group shot

Double page spread:

  • Change “i’ll” to “I’ll”
  • Change stand first – not normally centered?
  • Move “Belford” so it’s not on the staples of the magazine
  • Add byline
  • Move photography line
  • Add the UltraViolet logo in the corner


When I was choosing my adverts I referred back to my yougov to look at what things other than music taste my audience are interested in.

I chose thisĀ  poster of The Kooks because they’re a very edgy band themselves and the poster has a lighter colour scheme to it making it look more Indie than rock and the kind of illustration is quite interesting and makes it look quite playful and family friendly like the event is.


I also chose this Dr Martens advert because the style of this brand is very 90’s and grungy but they also have a slight diversity in their brand of shoes, having something for everyone. The advert is also completely aimed at my target audience as it is music related and holding an electric guitar which is the main feature of a band


I think that these adverts will interest mt target audience of indie rock teen/young adult fans as they’re both in the indie rock style and are both very popular people/brands in the indie rock community. Both of my images are also high resolution which will also look better in my magazine.

Feedback on Article


Please click on the link above to Listen to Grace Kelly reading my article.

Good things:

  • Includes a lot of information in a small amount of paragraphs
  • Questions are things that the audience would want to hear and know about
  • Promoted the star’s music and other projects
  • got audience excited about future things coming up



  • Change the font on the stand first
  • Make the quote bold
  • Make the stand first and quote different to the rest of he article as it’s slightly hard to know where to read next
  • Read over as there are 1 or 2 words/sentences that don’t sound right


So overall I am fairly happy with my article, I will now change the appropriate faults in my double page spread and complete the finishing touches to perfect it.










Article Idea Development

Above I have attached my article development ideas as a brainstorm for what will be in my article. It is a rough layout of what I want said and where.

My article is about Sasha Belford’s rise to fame and what her future plans are as a young and up-coming indie rock artist. I think that as a first draft my article is very clear and involves all of the questions and things I want mentioned.

A New and Improved Double Page Spread

Please click on the image.

I made quite a few changes to my double page spread and I am very happy with how it turned out because I think it reflects my genre perfectly and uses the rule of thirds accordingly.

I added in this light grey brick background instead of the plain purple that was recommended because I feel that it gave it more of a grungy effect and also makes the page slightly more interesting. Another thing I changed was removing one of the textboxes and I feel like it makes my page look more organised and brings attention back onto my stars face.

Overall I’m very happy with how my double page spread turned out as it reflects my genre and the artists very well and my target audience would be very attracted to my magazine so far.

Language Analysis

Click the image for a close-up view.

The article that I am analyzing is the “Cash for questions – This month: ALT-J” from the 11th of July 2017 written by Paul Stokes for Q magazine. I chose this article because I feel like this layout and what information is included would really interest my audience and intrigue them.

  • In this article it uses a Q&A like structure and we can tell that the interview was in person because the author wrote down if there were any pauses or groaning to give it more on a personal or exclusive feel to the article making the audience get more involved in the read.
  • Some words that are used in the article like give off a laid-back vibe making us think that the interview must’ve been very chilled out and casual rather that intense as the band were swearing, groaning and laughing at their memories.
  • One quote that was used was “We played Kendall Calling, and they mistakenly listed us as ‘the triangle band’.” This gives us the idea that the band is probably quite laid back and can take a good joke making them friendly and unique. Another quote used was ” I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to play down our bookish image… But I am wearing a a leather jacket” This once again shows that they do have a sense of humor and don’t mind pushing the limits.
  • A metaphor that the band used was that they wanted their music to be like “chewing gum that doesn’t lose it’s flavor” An interesting metaphor but has true meaning behind it as of it never get’s boring, this also gives an idea of what the band is like by using such an unusual metaphor once again showing the uniqueness of the band.
  • The journalist doesn’t really talk to the audience on such a personal level but is more of an informing passage on the band, what they’re like and how they started out.
  • After reading this article the reader might feel like they know the band on a more personal level and will find out a snippet of what they’re like in their personal life.


Overall this article although is informing is also fun and exclusive while also includes a laid back vibe which my audience will be drawn to. The journalist represented ALT-J as a nerdy group that were trying to resent from that image and trying to be more grungy and diverse.

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Please click the link above to watch the screen castify.

Good Points:

Front Page

  • Good image
  • Attention to detail
  • The indented cover lines give a nice edge

Contents page

  • Page numbers included
  • The underlining of the title that has information is clever
  • Quote included
  • Good images

Double page spread:

  • Good Photo
  • Insert with caption included
  • Clever background

Overall it has a brand image to it and is all pages are related.



To Improve:

Front page

  • Add in another insert
  • Move the masthead so it’s not coming off the page
  • Show that the magazine is indie rock in some way
  • Straighten barcode

Contents page:

  • For the masthead, use the same font as I did on the front cover
  • Change the date to match front page
  • Frame the masthead with another line above it
  • Put the quote in italics
  • The page number on the first image is missing an outline
  • Add a colour behind the quote

Double page spread:

  • The brick wall background needs to be my own image
  • Put the quote in italics
  • Add in a byline
  • Make the cover star bigger