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Feedback and Reflection on Draft 2

Feedback from Erin Harris.


Strong points:

. Good images

. Layout is easy to read and know what is on each page

. Banners make the page look more interesting



. Move the page number to the bottom of the page

. Move the issue number further into the center of the banner

. Play around with the fonts to make the page more interesting

. Change colour or position of the page number on the bottom image

. Make my headlines punchier

. Give details for more pages of the magazine

. Add the purple banner onto the bottom of the page too to look symmetrical


To improve my contents page I will have to move around and change the colour of some of my smaller texts and also make my page more symmetrical. To target my audience more I will also have to shorten my contents descriptions to make them more punchy, interesting and straight to the point for my audience.

Draft 2 – The Contents Page

On my contents page I included quite a few images to attract my creative audience and have put the page number on each image in case they see an artist they love and want to go to that page straight away. I have also left space for my actual contents that will be saying whats on each page and have also left room for a quote to intrigue my readers more.


I have left my contents page quite simple for now so that when I get my feedback from potential audience members they can tell me what they would want to see on my contents page and how they would like it to look.


Feedback and Reflection on Draft 1

Feedback from professional graphic designer:

Needs improvement:

. Put the background as a gradient as its too plain

. Delete the decorative lines on the border as it makes the cover to busy and complicated

. Move the quote up as its the main cover line and belongs to the main cover star

. Enlarge the main cover star

. Change the title to a violet colour as that’s what its called

. Move all of the captions and plugs onto one side so the main cover star can pop on the other side.


Strong points:

. Good mise-en-scene, relates to my genre very well

. Good image

. The fonts chosen are strong

. The chosen magazine name has a good concept.


Know I have all my feedback I will go back to my magazine front cover and update it so it looks more attractive and eye-catching for my targeted audience.


2nd Shoot Contact Sheets

For my second photo shoot we went to Mrs. Cobb’s house which was next to a garage, beach and forest. I took most of my photos at the garage because I liked the look of the background as it gave that grungy and edgy effect I wanted to fit in with my genre. Click on the contact sheets so see them better.

My favorite image is probably 9488 because it had the best lighting which I struggled to get in some of the images and I also love the contrast between her bright yellow jumper with the bright red background as they come off and contrast with each other effectively. Another thing I like about the image is that because she is holding up the American flag it shows that the article may have something to do with america but also gives a a patriotic like star image and the composition of the image is good. by having the flag held behind her it also adds a slight frame behind her and her torso.

An image that probably didn’t work as well is image 9425. This picture didn’t really work because the lighting is in all the wrong places and just makes the model look hidden. Although the mise-en-scene is good, the quality of the photo isn’t the best.


Strong points:

  • Directing my models on what to do
  • Colour Contrast
  • Mise-en-scene


Weak points:

  • Lighting Control
  • Experimenting with camera shots
  • Experimenting with camera angles

First Shoot Contact Sheets

My photo shoot with Sasha went very well as planned, we stuck to the meeting agenda and both brought in the appropriate things. When in the photo shoot we decided against the lip colour and denim jacket as I wanted to keep it simple so lip lip colour would’ve been unnatural and the denim jacket was a bit bulky and colour was slightly off compared to the jeans.



In the photo shoot I played around with lots of different lighting, camera angles and positions but mainly took mid shots as that’s what I wanted for my front cover.

Some things I could’ve done better are possibly taking more images as I don’t think I took enough and also an outfit change for variety.