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Evaluation of Previous Student’s Work


Holding a steady shot:

In this music video I would place this in a lower level 2 category because there aren’t many scenes or clips I can see that uses a tripod or just a steady shot but for the theme that this group were going for it works well. They were trying to show all of the activities and things to do on the island they’re on. The only steady shot I can see is at the start using the clapper board.

Framing a Shot:

I would place this in the lower level 4 because in all of their shots they have thought about the positioning and framing thoroughly in every shot but i wouldn’t say they’ve been imaginative or artistic in their composition as most of their angles are fairly basic but are done very well.

Variety of shot distances:

I think this category is placed into lower level 4 because it has a wide variety of shots and differences included in the video and it is cut in an intriguing way. This group probably could’ve used more high and low angles but they do have a wide and good variety of distance shots consistently.

Appropriate to task:

In this video it is clear to see that this belongs to an indie folk song because of the mise-en-scene and setting of this video, it is very professionally done and and is cut well to the music, therefore I’ve placed it into the upper level 4 category.

Mise-en-scene selection:

This is in the upper level 4 because the mise-en-scene and setting of the video suits the indie folk genre perfectly from the flowy dresses and denim jackets to the pure nature and beach vibes of the video. It is overall very professional and done well.

Editing for meaning:

I think that the narrative makes sense and the continuity is there and makes sense, there is a clear difference between narrative and performance as the narrative has a specific border and filter on it and I am therefore giving it a upper level 4.

Shot transitions:

I rate this an upper level 4 since all of the transitions make sense and look good together, no clips look intrusive and it is all timed well with the beat of the music making it look very professional.

Sound with images:

I also give this an upper level 4 because it is edited perfectly and the video is lip synced perfectly throughout with the music. Overall this music video looks very professional and attractive.











Narrative Storyboard

We have made a storyboard for our narrative shoot to ensure we get all of our main shots and also some more experimental shots. This will be very helpful when filming so we don’t forget any important shots.

I am really looking forward to our shoot and feel very organized and prepared for it.

Narrative Development

Above is out narrative development. This is a document to show what we have planned our narrative to be and what we want to communicate through each part of our music video.

We have done this so we know our basic story-line and can add in our more surreal and expressive shots in between the basic parts.

I think this document has been very useful at pin pointing our basic story-line so we can add in our specific shots after.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We had a man from specsavers come in and review our pitches as well as give us advise on what we could change and how to produce what we wanted to do, mainly on the colour spread as that is the main element of our music video.

When Lenny was showing us how to do the colour spread Sasha wrote down notes on how to do it to help us in the future as it’s fairly complicated to us.

Here is an image of our notes.

Overall he loved our idea as it is challenging and creative and we look forward to trying his technique out.