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Feedback From Teacher

Good Points:

  • Very strong opening shot
  • Montage works well
  • Good variety of shots and angles too
  • Match on action



  • Lip sync
  • Performance shot is too long when she takes the pill (about a minute in)
  • Breaking of the fourth wall keeps happening when not intentional
  • No drum shot when drums are playing in one shot
  • Continuity issues with headphones
  • More emphasis when she throws pills
  • Possibly more close-ups


Finally, we have a lot of work to do to improve our video but we do have a lot of good parts, just a few small mistakes and issues that are easily fixed.


Contact Sheet

Overall i’m very happy with our shoot and think we got some really good shots, my favourites being 304, 3952, 3907 & 269.

Digipak Photo Mock-up

We have created a rough mock-up of our genres digipak design to get a look of what it will look like. We used a cool toned colour scheme and images that didn’t include a clear face so it matches or genre.

For our font we used something clean, calm and flowy to represent the more indie side of our genre and is inviting too.

Digipak Moodboard


My group and I decided to do 2 mood boards, 1 physical and 1 digital including fonts and images to start getting an idea and visualise what we want for our digipak. Indie rock as a genre is very creative, artistic and alternative so we wanted to portray that in our moodboards which I think we have done quite well.

Our physical one includes a lot of red’s and monochrome colours and looks quite messy to represent the indie rock genre. We also added in some cracks and crinkles in the paper.

For our digital mood board we added a lot of images from pinterest and tumblr and we have found a lot of images we like the idea of. we are going to use the idea of isolation and the tinfoil to create some abstract images as well as the light photography which we might just add in when editing. The images are all quite alternative and all have some kind of manipulation to represent our star being alternative too.

Overall I feel very inspired for our photo shoot and look forward to creating our own digipak design!

Digipak – Previous Students Work

Camera Skills: The photography in this digipak is really good and fits their genre perfectly, their images are really high quality and they have positioned certain things appropriately according to the rule of thirds.

Photoshop and Manipulation of Images: On the front cover you can tell that they’ve used Photoshop really effectively to manipulate their image and replace the sky image over the stars face and add the albums name. This is done so well it doesn’t looks natural.

Mise-en-scene: The mise-en-scene for this digipak is very appropriate and matches the genre very well, they’ve used an appropriate colour scheme and have used the correct props too for their genre.

Text Colour and Typefaces: I think that the typeface they have used throughout the digipak fits the genre perfectly as it is thins and smooth rather than rugged and loud.

Overall I would rate this digipak fairly high as they have met all of the criteria and have done it well, matching their genre consistently and overall theme well.





Music Video Draft 4

Targets for improvement:

  • Take out the foot drum at the start as there is no drumming in the music
  • Lip syncing needs to be more accurate and exaggerated
  • Could have Sasha radiating colour when shes out transitioning into b&w again
  • Pills need to be in colour again when sat on stairs
  • When pills fall out of Sasha’s mouth they’re a bit laggy, try to fix if possible
  • Warp stabilizer when Sasha’s walking to town needs a fix
  • Less graphic effects in the dancing sequence, it’s too busy
  • Pace of edit needs to speed up when ending dance sequence

Good points:

  • Good starting shot
  • Morning routine sequence is nice
  • Coloured pills
  • Colour spread when taking pills
  • Camera angles, wide range
  • Rythym in edit is good
  • Narrative is understandable
  • Head banging on wall shot in dance sequence
  • Costume choices

Overall I think that our video is pretty good although there are just a few minor issues we need to fix to make our music video perfect, we got a lot of feedback with the majority being positive which is a good start. I look forward to perfecting our video and then having more fun with the creative editing side.






Narrative Shoot Evaluation

Our narrative shoot was really successful, we were able to get a lot of different shots and a variety of angles too. We went to 3 different locations and were very efficient in all of our locations and filmed most of what we needed to do.  All of our locations worked out amazing and supported our mise-en-scene well.

We didn’t manage to completely finish all of our filming and we have planned a separate shoot for the dream sequence as it would’ve taken too long to do on the same day.


  • Efficient shoot
  • Wide range of shots
  • Mise-en-scene was accurate
  • Organised with all our equipment and props


  • We didn’t finish filming (Still need to do around 5 more shots)
  • Lighting could’ve been better in some shots

Overall it was a decent shoot but we still have a little more to complete.

Here are some photos that we managed to take during our shoot.


Music Video Draft 3

This is our draft 3 for our music video of “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots.  For our next draft we have included some comments from our video that tell us how we can improve on our video and what things they really like.

Overall from all of these comments, these are the things that we need to improve on:

  • Lip syncing at the start of the video
  • Complete the end of the video
  • Continuity error near the start with the performers glasses being off when they should be on
  • One shot of the star running up the stairs need to be in b&w
  • Possibly add vignettes in rope/paint scene

Things that they enjoyed:

  • The colour switching from b&w to colour
  • Drummer was very convincing
  • The narrative idea (boring routine at the start)
  • Rope/Paint sequence
  • The editing and effects overall are well done
  • Variety of shots and distances