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Perfect Production Group

I have been put in a group with Sasha Belford and Haygan McDaid and am happy with my Group as we are all very creative and want to share all our ideas and integrate them already.

Having this contract will ensure that we all share work evenly and if there are any disagreements we can refer to this and find a compromise.

Music Video Form & Conventions

In my analysis I included many genres such as:







During this post I have learnt the different kinds of narrative being:

Illustrative – When the narrative in the video very closely echos the lyrical content of the song

Amplified – The narrative is inspired by the song and adds a narrative element to compliment the themes and subject matter of the song.

Disjunctive – The narrative has little to no relationship with the lyrics and is quite random

Knowing the different kinds of narrative and seeing how other music videos split the amount of performance and narrative will help me when making my music video.