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Narrative Shoot Evaluation

Our narrative shoot was really successful, we were able to get a lot of different shots and a variety of angles too. We went to 3 different locations and were very efficient in all of our locations and filmed most of what we needed to do.  All of our locations worked out amazing and supported our mise-en-scene well.

We didn’t manage to completely finish all of our filming and we have planned a separate shoot for the dream sequence as it would’ve taken too long to do on the same day.


  • Efficient shoot
  • Wide range of shots
  • Mise-en-scene was accurate
  • Organised with all our equipment and props


  • We didn’t finish filming (Still need to do around 5 more shots)
  • Lighting could’ve been better in some shots

Overall it was a decent shoot but we still have a little more to complete.

Here are some photos that we managed to take during our shoot.


Music Video Draft 3

This is our draft 3 for our music video of “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots.  For our next draft we have included some comments from our video that tell us how we can improve on our video and what things they really like.

Overall from all of these comments, these are the things that we need to improve on:

  • Lip syncing at the start of the video
  • Complete the end of the video
  • Continuity error near the start with the performers glasses being off when they should be on
  • One shot of the star running up the stairs need to be in b&w
  • Possibly add vignettes in rope/paint scene

Things that they enjoyed:

  • The colour switching from b&w to colour
  • Drummer was very convincing
  • The narrative idea (boring routine at the start)
  • Rope/Paint sequence
  • The editing and effects overall are well done
  • Variety of shots and distances


Audience Ideologies

I have made a profile for an audience member of my genre of music we have chosen. I have included all the things that might interest them and what they like to do in there spare time as well as a cheeky guilty pleasure.

Knowing our audience is a vital part of this process so we can ensure that everything we put out to them, will attract them.

To find out what my audience are like and what they’re in to, I gathered all of my information from yougov and have included some screenshots too to show. We have done this so we know what to encode and include in our music video so our audience don’t reject  out text and so they decode our video correctly and in a positive way.

Narrative Development

Above is out narrative development. This is a document to show what we have planned out our narrative structure to be like and what we want to communicate through each part of our music video.

The relation between the lyrics and our narrative will be amplified as our video will relate to the lyrics but won’t be literal. To send our message of depression and anxiety we will use inter-textual references to portray this, an example is the repetitiveness of our metanarrative.

We have done this so we know our basic story-line and can add in our more surreal and expressive shots in between the basic parts.

I think this document has been very useful at pin pointing our basic story-line so we can add in our specific shots after.

Narrative Storyboard

We have made a storyboard for our narrative shoot to ensure we get all of our main shots and also some more experimental shots. This will be very helpful when filming so we don’t forget any important shots.

I am really looking forward to our shoot and feel very organized and prepared for it.

Performance Shoot Reflection


This is a video we have created showing the variety of shots and angles  we got during our performance shoot.

Our performance shoot had a bit of a slow start, preparing where we wanted our performers to be positioned and we played around with the lighting throughout the process of the day to find out what worked well and what didn’t. In some of our shots the lighting is extremely warm and orange but we can later fix that in editing.

On the up side we got a very wide range of shots. My 2 favorite ones are our tracking shots and close-ups because I think they worked very well and look very professional with the equipment that we had.

Here are some pictures of the shoot.