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Website – Previous Student Work

For my websites previous students work i will analyse “The XX”, I chose this one so we could take some notes and tips from this website. I was drawn to this for it’s simplistic style and major video.

The first thing I notice on the website is the instant video of their latest song which is attractive and draws me in straight away. This isĀ  definitely something I would like to cooperate into my music website as it immediately informs the audience what genre of music this band creates and what they’re music is like. The colour scheme of this website is very conventional for the genre and style of music.

I like the background because although it a simple yet slightly busy, because of the soft colour scheme it doesn’t distract from the main attraction being the instant video and panels.

One of my favorite additions that this website has is a gallery of their artists, this allows the audience to connect more with the artists and see the more personal side to their life rather than public.

The final area that I loved and will definitely incorporate in my own website is the merchandise page as this allows the audience to reinforce their personal identity and also promoting their brand. Another way they do this is trough the social media links allowing the audience to follow and share content from the artist.

Overall I think this website is very professional looking and easy to navigate.

Web Page Draft 1 and Final Draft – What Has Changed?

This is our final draft of our website. I am very happy with how this has turned out, I loved designing all the separate pages and improving the website overall after each draft.

(Please click on image to be sent to the website)

After we had shown this draft around to a few people, these are the final tweaks we will consider to finish our website after getting the feedback:

  • Change “shows” to concerts) – In drop down navigation bar.
  • “Contacts” should come before “merch” in the drop down navigation bar.
  • Previous albums should be changed to discography.
  • Change the boom town image – It wasn’t our own
  • Show the digipak cover on the home page

Web Page Conventions

This is our analysis of the tame impala website. We chose this website because it is very conventional for an indie rock bands website, matching our genre.

I personally loved the colour palette of choice in this website and felt that i haven’t seen a website like this before as id is very unique. Analyzing this website will allow us to see what a professional indie rock website looks like and will also give us some ideas we might be able to incorporate in our own.

Screen Castify:

Our Script: