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So How Did it Go?

Throughout my whole experience in making my music magazine I have learnt how to use different software such as Photoshop and in-design and have also gained many new skills and information. I now know how to use the correct mise-en-scene  to attract and entice my audience using the appropriate clothing, make-up, language and colour schemes for the appropriate target audience.

When it came to feedback I responded accurately and created many drafts to get to how my magazine needed to be, getting feedback from different people was good as they all spotted different things on how I could make my magazine better. Looking at my first drafts and my final product I am very happy with how much I changed and improved my pages.

Overall I am very happy with my final product as I feel I have worked very hard on it and have kept my attention to detail very important to make it perfect. I have kept to my colour scheme and showed my brand well through mise-en-scene.


Design Skills 2

After doing my drafts on all different kinds of pages that have many different layouts I learnt many different skills in Photoshop and in design.

One thing I learnt to do which was the most effective was making my text transparent as it looked really alternative and edgy.

To make this I started off by inserting a text box as usual but this time I selected “windows” and then “effects” so i could make it transparent.

After this I selected opacity and changed it to 57% to make it more transparent.

After this I changed the opacity  I changed the colour to red to it was still bright and contrasted.

Once I completed that I wrote the title “SASHA BELFORD” and it turned out perfectly.

I did the same thing with the background by taking an image of a brick wall and following the same steps. I think that it worked really well at showing my star image and genre of my music magazine.

I feel that my skills in in design and Photoshop have improved immensely and I look forward to excelling my skills even more in my final drafts.



Design skills 1

One skill that I learned while using Photoshop for my front cover was how to remove the background or parts of an image. To do this I started off by selecting the “quick selection tool” to select the main areas of the background.

Once I had the main areas selecting I zoomed into the image and made the size of my tool smaller to perfect all of the edges I wanted or didn’t want, this was especially helpful for getting around the hair.

While I was zoomed in I was also able to perfect my lines even more by using the separate + and – tools which was also very handy withe the hair and shadows. Once I had all I wanted selected I just u sed the eraser tool to remove all the parts I selected.

While learning about Photoshop I also later learned how to change her eye colour and smooth out her skin and how to make her makeup how I wanted it by using other tools such as the blur tool,  eyedropper tool and brush tool. I also learned how to play around with the opacity when painting on colours to give more natural affects.

When adding more makeup on Photoshop I did this because I felt that when the images were taken the lighting wasn’t taken into consideration when doing makeup so it didn’t show up as much as I would’ve liked, I wanted the darker eye make-up to really fit in with my genre and give a more dramatic look to go along with her album and what the meaning behind the songs are, I also gave her flawless skin to perfect her image even more.


So… How is it going?

So far in this term I feel that I have learnt many more skills in Photoshop and In-design and have also learnt the importance of correct mise-en-scene and how to produce it.

I feel that I have expressed my genre of indie rock very well in my magazine, I used the appropriate clothing and makeup when doing my photo shoots and also through my colour scheme of purple, red, white and black. I think that because of all these skills I have portrayed, my magazine will catch my desired audiences eyes immediately.

In my magazine I have worked really hard, mainly when using the new software and trying my best to learn how to use all the different features it provides. I think that my magazine looks very professional and follows the criteria that a popular magazine would too. Overall i’m very happy with my work and believe it demonstrates my genre perfectly.


So… I’m Ready To Photograph My Star

Overall in media I have learnt many things like how an image can communicate meaning and how lighting, costume and angle can change the meaning and connotations of an image instantly. For example, a low shot camera angle gives connotations that my star is powerful and authoritative.

When I do my photo shoot I will have my model dressed up in indie rock styled clothing (Flannels, jeans) and appropriate makeup and hair. I will make sure I use certain camera angles and lighting.

So… I’m Ready To Make Some Media!

My music magazine genre that I have picked is “Indie Rock”. I’ve chosen this genre because It is a style of music I listen to and it means I will know what the audience members would look out for and be intrigued by.

The things that are important and I’ll consider when making my music magazine cover are; colour, fonts, demographincs/phycographics and the rule of thirds.

My Main cover star is also a big element in the magazine so to get an eye-catching image I must think about certain mise-en-scene elements such as the lighting, costume and camera angles.