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Evaluation of Web Design Application

When creating our website we decided to use as it was easy to use and we could import and insert anything we wanted and were free to design everything as we wanted easily.

Screenshot-2018-11-18-at-7.09.47-PM-2b4y1xw.png (888×549)

The most useful option in my opinion was the “My uploads” option as this is what allowed us to insert our own images and pre-made things such as our music insert when you enter the home page. For us the major thing that this allowed us to do was the slow motion video in the background as it looked very professional and conventional for our genre.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

When we filmed our performance shoot our lighting wasn’t the best so this resulted in some grainy, low light and orange toned shots. We didn’t want this as it made our shots look very bad quality and not like our genre at all. To fix this I had to figure out how to colour correct to brighten up my shots and take away some of the orange tinge. Although I couldn’t make it perfect i definitely tried my best and did make a difference.

I went onto the colour panel and onto lumetri colour to look and experiment with my options.

I ended up using a mixture of curves and colour wheels to get the right balance of colour and brightness that i needed to make the clips look more professional.

Overall this really improved our shots and made them look a lot brighter and natural toned as well as professional ultimately making the whole video more clear and skillful.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

In my digipak I had to be reminded of many things on Adobe Photoshop as I hadn’t used it in a long time. For our digipak we wanted to create multiple layers with different coloured filters on them, to do this I had to cut out my desired parts and multiple layers too.

To do this I made duplicate layers first and in each layer, used the Lasso tool to select and cut out the certain parts we wanted, for our digipak we made layers of the artists on the front cover and also a separate one for their heads so we could add different filters and colours to create a trippy look which is conventional for our genre.

Overall i’m very happy with how it turned out and think this fits our genre perfectly.

Feedback on Mock-up and Targets

Once we created our rough digipak we had to get some feedback to make sure we were encoding the correct genre and vibe to our audience and take notes to improve. To do this we asked several people to tally what genre and adjectives they thought were most appropriate to fit in with our digipak and these are our results.

Our results show that the majority of people understood our genre and linked in the correct adjectives we wanted to convey through our images and typefaces.

Overall this experiment went well and will help us encode our digipak correctly for our audience to decode happily. I think we succeeded in this and now know that our idea of grungy and indie rock is correct and similar to our audiences.

Our Mission Statement

We made a mission statement to explain our ideas and intentions with our band as we want to entertain and inform our audience. Having a mission statement allows us to get the right target audience. Our mission statement explains how the new album will be down to earth and emotional which matches our conventions for our specific genre. Although the music is classed as “schizophrenic pop” we convey it more as an indie rock band and album and that is how we want to portray it as.

Mission Statement: Best described as ‘Schizophrenic Pop’, The Flatliners take you through their journey, accompanying you on yours too as they express themselves throughout their own unique style of music. This really is an experience like no other as the band dive deep into key issues that modern society face today. With a target audience of 18-24 year olds, the band intends to open the young demographic’s minds with their new chart topping album ‘Made in the AM’.


Production Skills Evaluation 2

For my second production skills I will show how I added in a blue filter into some of our dream sequence shots. I chose to add a cooler blue filter as it conveys sadness and can illustrate what our performer is going through with the amount of stress and thing going on inside of her head mentally being unwell.

I started off by selecting my wanted clip and going into the colour wheel section so I could choose what colour tone I wanted this clip to be. To do this I moved all the pointers into the blue – light blue range to create an icy effect into the clip conveying isolation and loneliness.

I think adding these filters really made a big difference when completing our music video as you can really tell what we’re trying to convey. This overall made our narrative easier to decode and made our overall video look more professional.