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Prelim Montage

For this post I am creating a short montage using 15 or more clips and editing it using premiere pro cc. During this process i should know how to hold a shot steady, frame a shot and use a variety  of distances in my shots.

I started by planning out what shots i wanted to include before finalizing them on a storyboard. I tried to involve a variety of shots and lengths.


  • I used a variety of camera angles
  • I used many different distance shots


  • I didn’t use any fades to show time passing
  • I could’ve edited the video to the music slightly better so the screen changes with the beat of the music

Making this montage has taught me the importance of different camera angles and how certain angles can connote different things. This will help we when filming my music video and deciding how to position and work with a camera. I also learnt how to use premiere pro at a basic level and I look forward to learning more about it soon.