September 20

My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.


Our selected genre was Punk Rock.Therefore in our moodboard we included  images of punk rock artists and analysed and focused on what they wore and how they were presented.We used mise-en-scene that are associated with punk rock theme.

Conventions of Punk Rock:

  • Leather Jackets
  • Rebellious Hairstyles
  • Extreme Bright Makeup/Dark Makeup
  • Chains,Gloves,Piercings
  • Aggressive Facial Expressions

Made with Padlet

We decided that some of the most important aspects and styles of punk were crazy hair, dark/light makeup, leather jackets and piercings/jewellery. This showed us that punk rock gives off a rebellious and outgoing vibe showing defiance which is a theme of punk.This helped us to interpret and create the best star image.

In the lesson, students were asked to stick a post it note onto our model with words in relation to describe the mise-en-scene and to the music genre. 

Some examples that the students gave were:

  • Dangerous
  • Individual
  • Angry
  • Rebellious 
  • Intimidating

This showed our group that we were able to use mise-en-scene correctly as the students(audience) were able to give the correct adjectives which were the same if not similar when creating our moodboard.

Images of our punk rock model

The Look 

In my opinion, the two images below are the best in terms of representing a punk rock artist and also using mise-en-scene appropriately to strip down the image and looking deeper into it. 

The props used to make the best aspect of a punk rock artist were:

  • The black lipstick gave off a gothic and dangerous vibe to the artist, it gave the artist a personality to the audience at first sight straight away
  • The leather jacket and Nazi hat gave off a rebellious and outgoing vibe to the artist which fit perfectly with punk rock theme 
  • The guitar was a big prop which in my opinion gave the most meaning to the image in terms of judging the artist at first sight and using mise-en-scene to create that story
  • The facial expressions and body language also played a big part in the image and vibe out group were trying to give off which was aggression,defiance and disobedience 


Overall I have learnt that mise-en-scene is a massive part in creating an image for an artist because every little detail will have a huge impact on the whole scene.If something is there that shouldn’t be there or if something is out of place,it ruins the whole image.

This will impact on my production of my music magazine because I will be more aware of the specific aspects that I will need to include and the use of mise-en-scene to convey the meaning to an audience.

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