January 14

Draft of Content Page

Below is my first draft of my contents page for my music magazine

What went well:

  • The colour choice of the background is suited for my genre which is pop and pink connotes love , harmony and affection
  • The chosen image of my star model is also suited for the page as the model is wearing jewelry and is holding the sunglasses in her hands which portrays her as a posh and wealthy person

What I Need to improve:

  • I think that the columns of text could be positioned in different places to make it seem more like a contents page eg. shorter and smaller writing and speech bubbles
  • The heading ‘contents’ could be changed to another name to make the magazine unique 
  • I want to make my model bigger and less stretched out 


  • Change positioning of the columns 
  • Alter the size of my model
  • Change the colour of the heading 
  • Add page numbers
  • Add more pictures of other celebrities 



Posted 14th January 2020 by davegaspar in category Music Magazine

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