January 19

Design Skills 1

Throughout the production of my music magazine so far I have acquired a number of different skills in relation to editing images in e.g InDesign and Photoshop that I did not have before. For example in Photoshop the Lasoo tool to cut out the star model for my music magazine and InDesign to use text boxes and gradients. These tools and more have been used to improve the quality and to achieve the best possible music magazine that will fit my genre.

Lasso Tool – Photoshop

The lasso tool allows us to cut out a certain object from an image e.g the star model for my music magazine and paste it into another page or to edit further. This is an essential tool however you can also use the quick selection tool to cut out objects. This has helped me as it has made it easier to edit the full document and the star model with a cut out.

Rectangle Frame Tool – InDesign

The rectangle frame tool allows us to make a frame around our document used for the music magazine to fit images into frame proportionally and make it easier to fill in or change the colour of the background. This has been useful in the production of my magazine as it has helped with the layout and fitting of the images,texts etc.

All of these tools has allowed me to easily create a narrative and help me display the genre throughout the production, therefore the demographics of the audience is followed then it will grab their attention immediately.





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