January 23

Complete Magazine Draft


Below is the teacher screencastify response to my first final draft


Front Cover

  • Re-position the alignment of the cover lines 
  • Change the order of the titles at the bottom 
  • Add more artists under ‘featuring’
  • Add a cover line relating to pop so audience the knows 

Contents Page 

  • Make Laura look a little less stretched 
  • Add more content to cover lines
  • Need to add a page number 


  • Dont overuse the mini pink clouds
  • Spacing between ‘Angel musician’ and ‘Spirals into her destiny’ are not the same 
  • Need to delete hyphens at the side of the page 
  • Move the text further to the right to avoid the crease of the page 
  • Dont centre the text (alignment)

My success criterias for my next draft are

  • Format certain text so that they’re all aligned symmetrically 
  • Add more detail to my front cover and contents page 
  • Add different colours to my DPS


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