March 16

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Above is my favorite former student music video which I thought was great success as it interested me a lot and engaged me as the audience which is one of the aims of a music video. There is a clear theme of regret and violence in this music video as it is about a teenage boy killing another person and later regretting his actions and is portrayed as a person with a lot of guilt after he realizes that it was a huge mistake. This for an audience is very engaging as they know the story line of the music video without having to try and figure it out.

In addition the skills on the models in the music video were very good. For example the lip syncing is good and the acting to correspond with the theme and the music was also good. This is essential as the music and the lyrics have to fit with the narrative of the video if doing a amplification video which this is as well as a little of illustrative moments.

Through the use of mise-en-scene the stars of the video have been presented well – The boy was clearly portrayed as someone who regretted his decision , this can be seen at 2:35 where the star is seen covered in what appears to be blood with his hands going through his hair clearly feeling the sorrow. The female star was successfully portrayed as a beautiful girl however she is trapped in her thoughts and emotions which can be seen right from the very beginning of the music video where she is seen lying in bed.

What I like about it

  • The song choice
  • The actual narrative
  • The lip syncing

What I would improveĀ 

  • More variety of costume/outfit
  • Different locations and settings
  • More wider shots of setting and location

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