March 27

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Lip syncing is a very important aspect to the star of a music video. This is because if the star cannot lip sync very well or in time with the song then the performance as a whole will look as if not a lot of effort was put into the making of the video which will represent the artist as less professional and not dedicated to the artists’ fans. It will make the music video not believable

Another aspect which is important in terms of lip syncing to a music video is that you definitely need to match the type of voice to the star of the video as a female voice would not match a male star lip syncing to it as the audience would get confused and definitely have a sense of falseness

Below I have inserted an edited video which I created through Wevideo of the song Poker face by Lady Gaga. For this task I had to cut, edit and lip sync the different clips recorded to the audio of the song to give the sense that the stars were actually singing the song. This was a little tricky as a lot of the recorded performances were not lip synced correctly and it was hard to read the stars’ mouths. Also there were a number of times the lip syncing of the stars were not in time with the actual music that was playing for them in the studio which made the editing of the clips much harder for me to perfect and make the song match their mouth movements


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