July 3

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Bea and I are doing our first test shoot next week, therefore we created a moodboard in which we show the different types of camera angles that are typical in R&B/Pop music so we can take

similar shots within our own music video.We discovered that close ups and low angle shots are typical in our genre of music as it makes the artist seem powerful and in control. In our music video we will use some of these conventions so that we match with the genre but we will also add in our own ideas so that it will make our music video original and not just a complete copy of another.

In order for our music video to be an authentic R&B/Pop music video we need to have a star image and create an audience profile so that we are more precise in what we are going to add into our music video and also to have more and better ideas on our narrative and what typical R&B/Pop listeners would want to see in a music video.

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