January 24

So… How is it going?

New transferable skills I have learnt 


I have had to do some research on my genre for my magazine to be able to fulfil every aspect to a music magazine and include it into mine to create the best possible magazine to crab the audiences attention.


During the process of creating my magazine I have had to use my imagination in certain instances to include ideas which would contribute to the quality of the magazine.


I have had to take a leadership role which included me organising times for my shoot in the studio and inform my star model of the conventions of a pop female artist (clothes and jewellery) so that I was prepared for the shoot.


January 24

Design Skills 2

Design skills and production techniques I have acquired 

Using InDesign I have discovered these simple tools which allowed me to create boxes shapes and draw lines on my image.

In addition to this I have also learnt how to properly use the eyedropper tool to replicate a colour to the exact same colour to photoshop an image.

Image result for indesign eyedropper tool logo

All of these tools and more have been very useful in the production of my magazine. They make the quality of the images look more professional e.g the gradient tool allows you to give you a gradual blend between multiple colours and make it more vibrant which was useful for my genre pop.


I managed to create all my pages which were to a suitable standard including all the conventions needed for each page.


Discover more information about other tools in InDesign and their uses to improve the quality of my pages.

By using these tools from Photoshop and InDesign, for example the lasso tool helped me cut of my star model making her more visible and using Photoshop to sharpen my model making her stand out and making the product more appealing to the audience which makes them want to buy it and read it.


January 19

Design Skills 1

Throughout the production of my music magazine so far I have acquired a number of different skills in relation to editing images in e.g InDesign and Photoshop that I did not have before. For example in Photoshop the Lasoo tool to cut out the star model for my music magazine and InDesign to use text boxes and gradients. These tools and more have been used to improve the quality and to achieve the best possible music magazine that will fit my genre.

Lasso Tool – Photoshop

The lasso tool allows us to cut out a certain object from an image e.g the star model for my music magazine and paste it into another page or to edit further. This is an essential tool however you can also use the quick selection tool to cut out objects. This has helped me as it has made it easier to edit the full document and the star model with a cut out.

Rectangle Frame Tool – InDesign

The rectangle frame tool allows us to make a frame around our document used for the music magazine to fit images into frame proportionally and make it easier to fill in or change the colour of the background. This has been useful in the production of my magazine as it has helped with the layout and fitting of the images,texts etc.

All of these tools has allowed me to easily create a narrative and help me display the genre throughout the production, therefore the demographics of the audience is followed then it will grab their attention immediately.





November 25

So… I am ready to photograph my star

Sweetness is a magazine aimed to attract and inspire all kinds of pop lovers and singers. This magazine is based on the genre pop which should hopefully reach out to a wider range of people as pop is more popular and more of a common genre that people listen to.

In our recent lessons I have learnt these different aspects of the camera:

  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • Framing
  • Distance
  • Shot type
  • Angle

All of these aspects of the camera are very important and all work together to create the best possible star image and we also learned how to use the flash photography equipment and how to set it up. 

What I have learnt about mise-en-scene:

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting&proxemics
  • Make-up and hair
  • Props
  • Setting

I will also attempt to create a star image for my model which will be done using Richard Dyers paradox of the star. In relation to this I will also have to use Hall’s theory which included preferred, oppositional and negotiated reading to make Sweetness reach my targeted audience.

From this knowledge I will be able to convey my message to my audience which will help me make the best possible music magazine cover which will also help convey my mission statement. 

October 22

So… I’m ready to make some media!

In order to create my unique magazine cover, I used my newly acquired technical design skills that  we were shown in the applications InDesign and Photoshop which helped immensely in cutting and adding text and manipulating the artists features to make it more pleasing to the audience and make it eye-catching.

When creating my magazine cover I had to think about the four uses and gratifications which helped me decide what features to include into my magazine to gain maximum popularity by conveying the right message to the audience

  • Entertainment
  • Social Interaction
  • Personal Identity
  • Information

In order for my magazine cover to be the most eye-catching and unique I will need to think about and include these different aspects of media

  • Camera
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Layout
  • Text type/font

After researching my target audience I now know the different features that I will have to include in my magazine to make it a successful magazine e.g. specific backgrounds , artists posture, layout and different text fonts which will look appealing to the target audience.

September 30

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

Camera framing can affect mise-en-scene in a variety of different ways. For example, angles. Angles such as low angles can covey a sense of  power and high class authority to an audience whereas a high angle creates a sense of weakness and lower class authority.

CLAMPS which stands for costume, lighting, actors, makeup, props and setting plays a very important part when attempting to communicate meaning(creating a narrative).

  • Costume – How the actors are dressed and what accessories they have as this creates the scene 
  • Lighting – This is useful when coming to setting the mood. Shadows can be used to create a dramatic and scary scene whereas a lot of lighting will create a more pleasant environment to the audience
  • Actors – Age and gender will affect the scene as the audience will have first impressions on the actors 
  • Makeup – This affects how the actors look at first impression for example for a dramatic scary scene, there will be fake blood etc on the actors’ face
  • Props – Props are essential in any scene as it gives the scene meaning and a story as the audience can be drawn towards these props. For example a man in a scene will convey a different message to an audience compared to a man holding a gun
  • Setting – The setting can also create the scene as it gives it an environment for the scene to happen in 

There are also a number of different rules that you can follow using your camera to improve your piece of work. For example:

  • The rule of thirds – balancing composition evenly across three sections of the frame.
  • Lead room – the space in front where the actors are looking or moving.
  • Depth of field – considering the background, middle ground and fore ground of the image.

This will help me when creating my magazine cover as I will think more deeply and closer into CLAMPS and how this can create a narrative to convey to the audience.

September 13

So…I’m a media prosumer

My media collage shows that I use media in a variety of different ways to obtain the following:

  • Entertainment and diversion 
  • Social interaction 
  • Personal identity 
  • Information and surveillance   

For example Youtube and Instagram. This is my consumption as I love to watch videos of Ariana and Beyonce. This can also go under the category of my personal identity as this is what I aspire to be in the future. 

My prosumption would also be with Instagram as videos posted on my account relate to my consumption (singing/performing)

My media for my information and surveillance would be used for BBC weather as this is where I need info to be obtained which is called consumption 

Overall in this lesson I have learned that I consume certain types of media for different reasons that I did not realise.. I have also learned that media has 4 different types of uses and gratifications in which some of my media uses fit into more than one category.

This knowledge will affect my production of media as I will need to think about what the consumers want and what techniques I need to use to obtain more of an audience to promote my media (music magazine). In future media production I will also need to think about the uses and gratifications to obtain the most popularity and sales.

In this lesson the task has shown me the basic concept (with examples) of Blumler & Katz theory.