July 6

Test Shoots

Above is our first test shoot for our music video. We shot this in the lecture theater at school as it gave us a feel of our mise-en-scene and background we wanted for our actual music video. This also allowed Bea and I to have a go at using Premiere Pro and editing the music video so we will have more knowledge on how to edit our actual music video.

What Went Well

  • Lip syncing was good
  • Good shots
  • Good editing pace

Even Better If 

  • Get more shots and different locations
  • Focus the camera at all times
  • Make the father figure more present
  • Use more of the Premiere Pro features to edit it better
March 27

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Lip syncing is a very important aspect to the star of a music video. This is because if the star cannot lip sync very well or in time with the song then the performance as a whole will look as if not a lot of effort was put into the making of the video which will represent the artist as less professional and not dedicated to the artists’ fans. It will make the music video not believable

Another aspect which is important in terms of lip syncing to a music video is that you definitely need to match the type of voice to the star of the video as a female voice would not match a male star lip syncing to it as the audience would get confused and definitely have a sense of falseness

Below I have inserted an edited video which I created through Wevideo of the song Poker face by Lady Gaga. For this task I had to cut, edit and lip sync the different clips recorded to the audio of the song to give the sense that the stars were actually singing the song. This was a little tricky as a lot of the recorded performances were not lip synced correctly and it was hard to read the stars’ mouths. Also there were a number of times the lip syncing of the stars were not in time with the actual music that was playing for them in the studio which made the editing of the clips much harder for me to perfect and make the song match their mouth movements

What Went Well

  • I managed to align the different shots of the video to the MP3 of the music correctly so that it is in time with the music
  • Included in the video are a number of different shots and angles so that the video doesn’t really repeat itself and seem boring
  • For the most part of the video the lip syncing is in time with the music

What I Could Have Done Better 

  • Adding in some transitions and effects to alter to colour of the video
  • I could have increased the cutting speed a little more to give the video a little more energy to it
  • Used more variety of shots within the music video even though the number of shots was limited


March 2

Prelim Task Mood Montage

In a group of 3 we were set a task to create of montage of a story board that will be around 40 to 60 seconds long that will convey a message to the audience which creates ideas , themes and emotions. Our montage theme is based on ‘fall seven times , stand up eight’ and ‘determination’ therefore we have come up with the continuous theme of failing and then achieving.

We then went out and started to set up our camera and follow our montage poster to create out montage video. We learnt to combine a number of different clips and cut them together to fit using Premiere Pro. We had around 10 different clips to edit from and cut together therefore we had to shorten the different clips as our montage is supposed to be around 1 minute long. We then added in transitions so that the video plays and runs through smoothly and we also added in background music which we downloaded from YouTube and pasted into Premiere Pro which makes the montage more interesting and stand out. This also helped us learn some of the features of Premiere Pro.

Video Of Montage

What Went Well

  • Used more that one model
  • Used a variety of shots
  • The song choice fits well with our theme
  • Transitions were added in correctly
  • Speed of one clip is edited quicker correctly
  • Added a title at the beginning

Even Better If 

  • If we used more shots in the same time space
  • Used one more model
  • Used a colour filter
  • Used more close up shots

Our montage is entitled “Fall down 7 times , get back up 8” and I feel that it does have a impact on the audience watching however I think some clips were more powerful than others.

  • For example I think that the clip of the model throwing the ball away from him and then resting his hands on his head and elbows on his knees at 0:25 , creates a sympathetic emotion for the audience towards the model as this clip represents the person hitting rock bottom and giving up completely showing that a lot of emotion is portrayed. However in the clip at the beginning showing the model failing his exam at 0:05 , it does not portray any emotion as there is no close up of the models face included in the clip.

Our montage tells a brief story of a young boys life and his progression to achieving better. Our montage tries to get a point across which is no matter how many times u fail and think you’ve hit rock bottom. You can always improve with determination and resilience.

There was one cut in particular which created meaning is at 0:37 where the music choice of the montage fits perfectly with the image. The lyrics sang ‘ill rise up’ at the exact time that the model is shown trying and trying again. This represents determination which was one of our main themes

Basic features of Premiere Pro that I have learnt 

  • How to cut and crop clips
  • How to add in transitions to the clips put together
  • How to add music to the montage from YouTube
  • How to add special effects to the clip

Because of the practise I have had with Premiere Pro and the making of the montage. I will find it easier when coming to creating my music video for example during the process of the production of our montage I learnt how to use themes and effectively portray them in videos so that the audience can understand the narrative of the video.