Music Video Draft Three

Above is our Draft Three Music Video which has greatly changed from our Second Draft. Here’s a few areas we improved.

  • We used colour correction as some of the shots were darker or more orange than others so we changed this to improve the continuity.
  • More of the montage flashback sequences were added in to create more sense of the narrative.
  • A dip to white transition was top and tailed on the montages to separate the flashback from the current narrative.

Feedback From YouTube Comments

Targets and Improvements To Make

  • Some of the close up shots on the lead singer do not show much commitment regarding the miming so this could be improved or other footage to be used.
  • The performance edit is good and has energy.
  • In the hospital scenes more colour is needed to contrast the performance. Put a grain on them perhaps the black and white shots and a filter on the performance as well.
  • So that his eyes don’t flicker in the close ups on the body, try slowing them down.
  • Overhead of the performer drumming shows him not actually touching the drums.
  • The hand montage has some feet in it. Perhaps stick to the hands only in this section as it makes more sense for the sense Touch.
  • At 2.59, cut to a close up of the guitar during the guitar solo.
  • Only one cut away to the other setting which is weird, either include both or don’t.
  • Weird it ends with them in the other room when there is only one other shot of this in the video.
  • The montages are kind of there, they need more images in them and they need to be played in reverse and then double backed to each other to make more sense of them.
  • Add a flat line effect at the end where the hand flickers.

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