Digipack Draft 1

this is our first draft of our digipack. This is all of the reviews on how it looks and what we have added and changed. Our assessment criteria was to create a music digipack which is from our star (Liza le barron) we needed this music digipack to reflect the electro/pop genre which we selected for our music video and create a CD cover with this information using the same style. From our further research, we found out that the electro/pop genre uses bright and bold colours as well as funky, interesting styling. As you can see from our first draft, we have created a music digipack with he information tat we mentioned above, we decided that we would use the photos of our star on the front page so that our clientele would know who the star is. we also thought that we would make the front cover of the digipack simple and plain. We thought that the picture was really eye catching and mesmerising. Thats why we thought we would make the title and the celebrity name simple as well as centring it to the middle of the page so that the audience can focus on the front cover picture.

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