So… I’m Ready To Make Some Media!

In order to create a magazine that’s as successful as possible, I will take into consideration the following aspects.


I will use the knowledge that I have gained about camera work in order to effectively convey my desired message, and utilize appropriate framing, angles, and effects. This is important to consider, as camera usage can connote vastly different meanings, and if the wrong decisions are made, it could be confusing to the audience.

Mise En Scene

I will consider all elements of Mise En Scene when deciding what features will be included in my magazine. I will ensure that the costume, makeup, and hair of my model match the conventions of my chosen genre. The lighting will be appropriate, and my models will be posed in a way that is reflective of Indie music. Props will be suitable, as will the setting, in order to create the most effective message.


I will ensure that the layout of the magazine contains the conventional features of music magazines, such as masthead, plugs, pugs, insets, main cover star, main cover line, captions, cover lines, issue and date, price, and barcode. It will also need to be legible and clear.


My typography will be readable and clear, and I will not use more than 3 different fonts, as this is unconventional of music magazines. The cover would also appear cluttered, and messy, so I will ensure that I take this into consideration.


AIDA stand for attention, interest, desire and action. AIDA is highly important to consider when designing a magazine as it’s what gets the pay attention; if the magazine doesn’t attract the audience, engage their interest, create desire and call them to action, it won’t be successful. I will make my magazine colourful and bold to attract attention, use convincing lexis to gain interest, use persuasive language such as imperatives to create desire in the audience, and call them to action to buy the magazine.

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