Design Skills 1

In class I have learned a number of skills that have aided in the production of my magazine.

Production Skills

One production skill that I have learned in the creation of this magazine is how to arrange production meetings and effectively lay out an agenda. I have managed to create clear plans as to how my photoshoots will proceed, including location, materials needed, direction of my model, and composition of the images themselves. On top of this, I’ve also learned how to incorporate mise-en-scene to convey a certain message as effectively as is possible.

Design Skills

An example of a design skill that I have learned in InDesign is the manipulation of fonts. I’ve learned that by changing aspects such as the height, spacing, width, thickness, size, and italicization, fonts can convey vastly different messages while still remaining in the same family of fonts.

A skill that I have learned in Photoshop is the ability to adjust the colour levels in my images in order to make them as clear as possible. Previously, I only know how to change the brightness on the basic slider, but I now know how to use the different light levels to finish with a more balanced end result.


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