Prelim Task 1 – Present face

I have used the following camera techniques…

  • Pan
  • Close ups
  • Two shots

I used these techniques to create a sense of…

  • Inclusion
  • Continuity

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules…

  • 180′ rule
  • Establishing shots
  • Eye line matches
  • Match on action

I used these rules to…

  • Keep continuity
  • Help the scene to make sense
  • Make the scene more interesting

I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro…

  • The razor tool (It chops up the video to let you edit)

I used these tools to…

  • Edit my video
  • stay with continuity
  • help things run smoothly

If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently…

  • I would make sure I would film on the same side as to not confuse the audience.

So how did it go?

During the time I have been making this magazine I have learnt a lot of new techniques and skills. I have also positively reacted to any feedback I have been given throughout this process too. From this feedback I have been continuously been uploading different versions of the magazine that have been impacted by the feedback I have been given. It really displays my progress throughout this process.

I have loved doing this coursework and it has really helped me to broaden my skills and has widened my outlook on magazines. After receiving my feedback I have uploaded my penultimate drafts that have been edited according to any feedback I have been given.


Using I did some research into what is usually seen in Indie magazines regarding adverts. I found out that a popular interest is fashion and another is singing. I then did further research into fashion brands and different bands that fit into this sort of genre and found the two adverts below.

The Lazy Oaf clothing advert would suit well the the aesthetic and wants/needs of an ‘Indie’ person. The fashion style and general aesthetic is very appealing to the people of the Indie genre. The advert for a new blink 182 album would be perfect for my magazine because it features an Indie rock band and advertises their new album. This advert would definitely feature in a magazine similar to mine.