Graphics and Illustrations

For the background of our digipak we wanted to have a mystical looking starry sky as we found this type of image rather conventional of alternative rock and gives off the kind of feeling that we want our digipak to. Since we could not get this type of image with the camera equipment that we have, we decided to make this in Photoshop by following this tutorial:

This was a very simple and easy tutorial to follow that allowed us to customize our colours as we coloured it in ourselves. This meant that we chose to make the image more blue and green, rather than the bright purple shown in the tutorial which we thought would be better as it contrasts with the pink and purple of our font. Here is the final image that we ended up with:

We also made a created a graphical moon in Photoshop as this was also something that we could not take a high quality photo of. We were able to do this by creating a circle in Photoshop and filling it in a light pink. Then we created another circle that was slightly off centered to the circle and deleted that area to make the crescent shape. After this, I added a few effects onto the moon and copied a brighter one beneath it to make it look like it is glowing and ended up with this:

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