Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of a Web Page Design

During the creation of our website, there have been a lot of new production skills we have learnt and will help me in my future projects:


One of the features that we have included in our website are buttons that hyperlink to relevant websites. The tickets section sends you to a ticket booking website and the digipak has a button next to it where it links the user to the iTunes website and allows you to pre-order the album. We were able to do this by adding in a button onto the website and changing the link location to ‘Web Address’ and inserting the corresponding link. This feature will be useful if I am to ever make a website again as I will be able to promote my media from other websites and make user accessibility very simple.

Adding Media

The tab that allowed me to add media to the website was very important in getting across the alternative star image of the band. I was able to upload pngs, jpgs and gifs from my computer that included band merch, pictures of the band during the music video shoot and gifs that I have created from the music video. This gives the whole website a similar brand sense and by doing this I have gotten a clearer idea of how to tie different items of a whole project together.

Inserting And Editing Text

This feature is essential to my website as it allows me to write the information that the user requires. By editing the font’s typeface and size, I have been able to create a consistent style and theme that runs throughout my website. Keeping my housestyle and colour pallet the same will make my brand easily identifiable to my audience and after doing this I have learnt how to add similar fonts and titles that fit to a specific style.

How This Will Help Me

I believe that the creation of this website has been crucial in helping me understand how to tie the brand and themes from each of my products together in one final product. Learning how to add in consistent typefaces and colour schemes will be useful if I am to ever make another website as it will make my product easily identifiable by having a clear housestyle. Additionally, inserting photos that were taken during the music video creates a wider sense of branding and gives my audience extra content that they could not get with just the music video alone, encouraging them to visit the website.

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