So… How Is It Going

From the production and execution of my music magazine, I have learnt a lot of new and useful transferable skills. All from the practical work that I will be able to use in later projects and also outside of the classroom in my own personal life. Skills I learnt were:

  • Camera and lighting
    • Settings – what settings work best for the light levels and conditions I am working in
    • Angles – What angles work best for each/my own personal preference and genre
    • Orientation – What shot – landscape or portrait – would be most effective for the picture/ angle I am using
    • Framing – What shot type – long shot, medium, close up – Would work best with the meaning I was trying to portray through my artist and picture
  • Indesign and Photoshop
    • Spot healing brush tool – Air brushing of images to make them look cleaner and smoother
    • Stroke – Allowed me to give graphic design features boldness and definition
    • Eyedropper – Allowed me to copy colours I used on images and use them on text and graphic design features

These features allowed me to make my magazine to as high a standard as possible, but it wasn’t perfect. My goals for next time I use these are:

  • Watch more tutorials and then do trial and error to save time
  • Ask for more peer feedback – Gain different perspectives and experience levels and use/ alter their ideas and use them in my project
  • Spend more time editing
  • Use a layout of a current product similar to the one I am trying to create – giving me a template for my product


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