So… I’m a Media Prosumer

My music magazine collage fits the Blumler and Katz model very well. The Blumler and Katz model has 4 categories:

  • Entertainment/Diversion – used for my own personal enjoyment and to distract me from what is happening inĀ  the outside world
  • Social Interaction – used for socializing with friends and and meeting new people. Connecting me with people who aren’t within physical reach
  • Personal Identity – Used to publicize information about myself and giving myself a virtual identity
  • Information/Surveillance – used to keep me updated with events and what is happening in the outside world without having to physically experience it

At least one image from my collage fit into each of the Blumler and Katz uses and gratification. This will make my music magazine personalized to me and around my interests and my collage. This will make my music magazine unique.

The Media Ecology. Map of concepts and mediascape.

Media ecology is the way in which different aspects of the media are linked and interdependent, which is what makes the media so unique.

There are 8 different components in media ecology:

  1. Creators – Editors, designers, artists
  2. Technology – Software, hardware
  3. Audience – Listeners, readers, consumers, prosumers
  4. Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Forums
  5. Distribution – Cinemas, radio, television, newspapers
  6. Money – Profit, revenue, advertisement, expense
  7. Government/Law – Press recognition, self regulation
  8. Institutions – BBC, Sky, Google, Talk Talk

Each of these categories are interdependent and would fall apart even if one category was missing.

For example, the institutions rely on money to keep their company up and running by paying employees to do their job. If certain employees weren’t payed because of a money issue, the company wouldn’t have distribution, and wouldn’t be advertised to the public to gain a customer base. without a customer base, the business wouldn’t make money and it would just fall apart.

My music magazine fits into the Creators category and when making it, I will need the main focus to be my main media interests.

So… Hello Media Studies

In Media Studies, I am most looking forward to learning how to work and properly use a professional camera kit and what settings I can alter to suit my picture preference. I am looking forward to putting my creativity into a piece of work I can be proud of and enjoy watching/looking at.

Skills I already have based around media are;

  • I know the basics on how to use a professional camera
  • I am an effective contributor – I find putting my ideas and opinions forward to be an important teamwork skill
  • I know the basics on using a small number of Photoshop software

I think that Media Studies will help me develop good leadership skills from directing my own music videos or photo shoots and allowing me to put my ideas forward and putting them into play with my work. I also think that media studies will help me to develop my organisation skills, and keeping this blog up to date will be a big part in developing that skill set. I will enjoy making different pieces of work based around what I think is aesthetically pleasing and what I enjoy listening to and watching, and expressing my thoughts based on what pleases me.