Final Song Choice

The song we chose as a group to make a music video on was ‘The Love Club’ by Lorde. It is linked below:

We chose this song as it had many themes that conveyed in the lyrics of the song:

  • Love – hating it
  • Growing up
  • Emotions – mainly anger
  • Relationships – hating them

We think that these themes will be easy to present in the visual music video we are going to create. We have already thought of some ideas for different scenes and props we could use to present the themes well in the different scenes.

Perfect Group Production

Below is the group agreement we made between us to share ideas and to ensure work is done evenly between us.

Preliminary Task – Lip Syncing Exercise

This task was a follow up of the previous task in regards to our finished lip sync video. Below is the finished product:

What went well in this project is:

  • All the models slightly over-pronounced the lyrics, making it seem as  if they were actually singing the song and making it easier to sync up the song with the models singing
  • The video and the audio were well synced up in the editing software, making it look like the models could actually be singing the song – other than the fact that the second song is sung by a female artist

What could be worked on:

  • Using more cuts in the first section of he lip sync as it was all one take

Lip Sync Filming

For this task, we were asked to choose a song and record videos, for us to then input the mp3 of the chosen song – Poker face by Lady Gaga – and synchronise the video of the star singing the song with the actual audio of the song. This task was the first practise we had in our groups to practise our lip sync recording.

I found that the easiest way was to start recording, allow the model to get into character, play the song through a phone or a speaker and have the model sing along with the song while the camera is recording, then the video is cut. We then put thevideo into the editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro – and cut it to where the lip syncing is and where we want it to end. We then download an MP3 file of the song we are lip syncing to and insert it into the editing software. We then sync up the words of the song in time with the model singing in the video. This is then repeated for many more clips to fill up as much of the song as possible.




Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

For this task, we were asked to conduct some research and design a word cloud surrounding the song we are intending on using for thew music video we are creating in our groups. The song i chose is Psycho by Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign. I chose this song as it is a popular song, and would be easy to lip sync to as the lyrics are well spaced and easy to pronounce. Below is the word cloud I made in conjunction to Psycho:

Below is the song with the lyric video:

I chose this song because:

  • The lyrics are spaced out, making it easier to pronounce every word, improving the quality of the lip-synced edit
  • The song gives a chill vibe/ aesthetic
  • It is a popular song – people enjoy the song, it will be enjoyable to create a music video in conjunction with

The lyrics of the song are mainly based around the fact that Post Malone makes a lot of money for alot of everyday stuff, one of the lyrics being “30 for a walk through” which Genius picked out that one club payed Posty $30,000 just to turn up to a club.

For my music video I intend on making the music video is having the video in dis junction with the lyrics of the song.

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

For this task, we were asked to watch and choose our favorite music video from a former media studies student. Below is the music video I enjoyed the most:

I chose this video for a number of reasons:

  • The cuts between clips were clean and well placed in regard to the baseline and beat of the song
  • The part where the star ravenously eats the chocolate cake fits in well with the part of the song it’s used in – Deep sinister voice rapping to the beat saying “This my chocolate attack”
  • The break in the song has a fitting clip in it – The song calms down and becomes peaceful briefly and the shot is of one of the stars singing along to the chilled lyrics in a scenic hilly area
  • The two different singing personalities are portrayed well between both of the stars – The tall star outside is relaxed and laid back when he lip syncs to the song, whereas the shorter star acts more demonic/ crazy when he lip syncs to the song to give character to the deep, booming voice

From this video, I have seen some ideas that I can used such as using voice changes in the song to use alternate stars/ personalities to give the video texture and character. This will help me to create a music video that fits to the song as well as creates a story line or even some hidden meanings. The star image in this video showed that effort can make an edit go a long way. This music video showed me that a lot of hidden meanings can be created by the visual aspect that relate with the lyrics given and the way they are executed in the song – deepened voice, high tempo,. fast speaking.

Detailed Music Video Analysis

For this task, we were asked to conduct a detailed analysis on 2 music videos, one shown to the whole class and one of our own, personal choice. The music videos were:

  • Thursday – Jess Glyne (this was watched by the whole class)
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – Logic (My own choice)

Below is both sheets of analysis for each of the music videos I watched:

These music videos showed that:

  • Hidden meanings are everywhere in songs and can be easily placed but well hidden
  • A lot of songs nowadays are artists telling the world, in the form of music, that they are human and are affected by normal events
  • A lot can be done in 3.30 minutes

This will help me with my music video by making me put more thought in the shots and mise-en-scene that I use to create deeper meanings in cohesion with the lyrics of the song.

Below are the music videos I analyzed:

Music Video Form & Conventions

The task given was to watch, listen and analyze music videos – the physical aspect and the lyrical aspect. Below is my analysis on 4 different songs:

From this task, I learnt that not all music videos follow along the theme of the lyrics. This will help me to be more creative when making my music video with my group, knowing that the song does not have to influence the content of the music video.

Below are the music videos I analyzed:

Preliminary Task – Mood Montage

The task given to us was a practice our video editing ability in Adobe Premiere Pro. Below is my finished mood montage along with the story board of shot ideas we used to build the story


  • Do you think your montage has an impact?

I think that my montage does have an impact on the viewer. The con-beat cuts and the close up shots give it a personal feel when watching and make it run smoothly.

  • Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

I personally get a feeling of story from the montage. The name ‘All that glitters is not Gold’ works well with the rain shots and close ups of the stars face.

  • How does one specified cuts create meaning?

The cuts at 4 and 5 seconds that flash between walking in puddles to a mirror shot to walking in puddles to the jewelry shot. This shot presented the theme,’ all that glitters is not gold’ by showing that the rain glittered but is considered as bad weather or in films, can mean that something bad is about to happen, is happening.

  • Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

From the making of this montage, I got a sense of progression. I learnt how to cut clips and input it into the final edit without sound. I learnt how to fade out a song near the end to give the video texture.

  • Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

I did repeat shots, low angle shots and and extreme close ups. We did this to focus on a specific aspect of the recording (the eye, the jewelry, the hands on the metal bar). As our theme was ‘all that glitters is not gold’, we used these close ups to contrast things that glitter with following shots of things that oppose the mood but follow the theme such as rain.

  • What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

An extreme slow motion long shot of the rain.

Overall, I though that this edit went well as we managed to cut each clip on the beat of the song we used. For next time, I want to gather more clips with more diverse shot distances and angles to give the final edit more texture.