Small Scale Research Project – Proposal

Welcome back to The Small Scale Research Project, a unit where you get to pursue your own interests in the world of film.

We’ve got six weeks (including 1/2 term) to complete this project. Please find a link to the schedule and action plan for the research. You will need to look through your annotated catalogue and consider when you’re going to read and annotate the research sources on that list, when you’re going to watch the films and when you’re going to analyse key sequences. A typical research schedule would be:

  1. Develop an understanding the research focus / macro approach  through research in textbooks, articles & academic web sites.
  2. Explore chosen films using previous research on focus / macro approach.
  3. Read the sources about the focus films / director / star… through reviews, articles, interviews, case studies…
  4. Choose two or three key sequences from main film and one supporting sequence from each supporting film that reflect you research focus.
    • Close micro analysis of key scenes and develop notes on how they echo the focus / macro
  5. Audience research (if appropriate)

Initial Tasks (by the end of this week you should):

  • Have read through 3-4 of the text books, articles and academic web sites on your annotated catalogue, made notes and got quotes that help you understand the topic and a way to approach your films. See post on reading for research.
  • Met with your Miss H or Mr G to finalise your research question / focus.
  • Submit your final research proposal, which will be sent to a WJEC examiner for their comments / approval.
  • Start your coursework cover sheets, which includes notes which you need to complete on the aims and context of your research.

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