Your Presentation (Script)

This week you will be working towards your presentation (script). The schedule for the next three weeks looks like this.

Here is a short slideshow on how to approach your presentation.

Here is copy of the presentation structure document.

Support and feedback

During this week you will be having another 1-1 discussion with your film studies teacher, by the end of that discussion you should have a clear idea about the following:

  1. Annotated Catalogue
    1. Is your referencing correctly formatted
    2. Whether you have enough appropriate research sources
    3. Which sources have become (or are likely to become) rejected sources
    4. Targets for improvement
  2. The Presentation (Script)
    1. The scope of your project
    2. The structure of your presentation
    3. The evidence you are going to use to illustrate your ideas

The assessment criteria for the annotated catalogue are:

  • Items selected from both primary and secondary research with a excellent sense of relevance to their chosen topic
  • Broad range of material selected from diverse sources, suggesting excellent research
  • Excellent notes on reasons for their selection
  • Excellent reasons offered to explain why certain items were not selected for inclusion in the catalogue.

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