Presentation (Script) Assessment

How will you get a good mark for your presentation (script)?

The assessment criteria for the presentation script are:

  • Excellent insight into chosen research area of investigation demonstrated 
  • Considerable evidence that a broad range of ideas has been developed during the investigation
  • Excellently well-structured presentation script with explicit reference to key items of research from the annotated catalogue
  • All examples used in the presentation will be well-chosen and relevant, contributing important ideas to the area of investigation.

Task 1 

Contribute your ideas to this collective mark scheme for the presentation (script).

During the presentations

Here is the feedback you are going to receive from your teacher and the peer you’re presenting to:

Student Feedback on:

  • Whether you name research sources including authors.
  • How you illustrate your analysis from the films.
    • Which examples do you put on the screen.
  • How many quotes you use from your sources.
  • How many sections are there in the presentation. (Structure)

Teacher Feedback on:

  • Your understanding of  the macro / theory.
  • Your description of specific micro feature.
    • The language you use used to describe (the significance/impact of) these examples.
      • Do you use good adjectives?
  • You  analyse of particular micro features that link to macro research
  • Your correct use of Film Studies technical language
  • Your correct use Film Studies theoretical language.

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