City of God Character Profile

You need to have a thorough understanding of the characters within The City of God and be able to illustrate your understanding with examples.

To be able to discuss character you need examples of:

  • What they say
  • What other people say about them (especially the narrator(Rocket))
  • What they do
  • What they look like
  • Their character ‘journeys’
  • What they say about The City (of God) (especially the narrator)

You should also include your thoughts on their function in the narrative; what role do they play and what themes do they illustrate?

In small groups please complete a character profile for:

  • Rocket
  • Li’l Zé
  • Bené
  • Knockout Ned
  • The Runts

Place your image in the center of an A3 piece of paper and surround it with quotes, images, examples of behaviour, stages in their narrative journey.

Character Profile of Bene
Character Profile of Knockout Ned
Character Profile of Lil Z
Character Profile of Rocket
Character Profile of The Runts

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