Academic Referencing

As part of your Small Scale Research Project you need to learn about how to make a proper academic reference. You must use a full academic reference for all the items in the Annotated Catalogue.

There are many systems of referencing. We are going to use the universally recognised system called Harvard Referencing.

Here is a simple guide on how to create a academic reference using Harvard.

Here is a site that does it for you.


For each of your research sources create a Harvard Reference.

Please list your sources as (Item1, Item 2, Item3, …) in the following categories:

  • Films
  • Books
  • Magazines / Newspapers
  • Websites
  • Online Video
  • Other

Writing the Item Commentary

Here are the assessment criteria for the Small Scale Research Project.

There are four Rs you’re getting assessed on:

  1. Referencing. You should use a full Harvard reference for each of your sources
  2. Relevance: Your sources are clearly relevant to the research topic and films you’ve chosen
  3. Range: There is a range of types sources (films, books, magazines, reviews, blogs, fan sites, interviews…)
  4. Reasons: Your reasons for choosing the film or using the source are clearly explained. How does it fit into your research project?

Here a document to help you think about the sorts of reasons you may have had for choosing the film or using the source. This will help you write the comment for each source, see below.

Advice on the Notes:

  • Each note should be between 75 – 100 words
  • Make sure your references use the Harvard System on the blog (see above)
  • Link each source back to the films, the filmmakers, the research focus or context.
  • Give a brief (1 sentence) summary of the source. Then an explanation of how it was useful or relevant.
    • How did it widen your understanding of film / the films
    • How did it help you look at the film(s) differently
    • How did it widen your understanding of the framework approach (genre, auteur, gender…)
  • NEVER ‘quote’ or analyse in the Annotated Catalogue
    • Quotes & analysis will go in the presentation script, which you will start in September.

Here’s an example:

Reviews and Magazines:

SOURCE 8: Hills, M., (September 2008), We’re All Fans Now, Media Magazine, Issue 25, pp. 7-11

Notes: This source describes the concept of fandoms and explores fan reactions and involvement within a franchise. This will be useful when answering my question as it is essential that I understand how fan communities operate so that I can discuss fan reactions and what they mean for both the films themselves as well as the institution. This will mean that I can compare each film’s reaction from fans to one another.

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