Previous Students’ Work

To understand how to succeed in this unit, we will look at some previous students work and consider why it was successful.

Here is the assessment description for a top grade screenplay:

Product (screenplay)

  • Product fulfills its aims highly creatively and effectively
  • An excellent understanding of the form and conventions of the chosen medium
  • An excellent, highly creative and confident use of the relevant medium with a strong sense of reaching its intended audience.

Quality of written communication

  • Excellently structured and accurate use of appropriate language to communicate clearly.

Okaaaay, sooo…what does this mean in practice? Here are the things we look at when marking your screenplay:

  • Your use of the screenplay format
  • Your description of the locations in your screenplay
  • The narrative sense and development
  • The use of genre (repertoire of elements)
  • Visual sense – I can see the scene (like a film)
  • I can hear the music and diegetic sounds in your sequence
  • The description of the characters and their voice
  • The rhythm of the scene and variety between scenes


Read through a previous students’ screenplay and consider the features above.

Screenplay 01

Screenplay 02

Screenplay 03

Screenplay 04


Here is a level ladder for the screenplay. Highlight or underline moments in the screenplay, when you think it meets those assessment criteria.

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